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Fall Family Photo Tips

PREPARING FOR YOUR SESSION: Fall Mini Photo Session Edition!

Whether you're preparing for a family photo session this fall with us or you're planning photos with another photographer, here are a few tips to help you prepare for your upcoming session!

1. Match the Season and Level of Formality

Since we'll be photographing in late October, fall or winter colors will look nice. Neutral colors are always a good go-to as they are timeless! If you're planning on using these photos to send cards this holiday, neutral colors are also easier to pair with card designs!

**Keep the weather in mind.**

2. Coordinate > Match

Too matchy can be cheesy, but if you find a statement piece of jewelry, a cute scarf, or a shirt that you love, pull colors from that piece to coordinate outfits. If someone is wearing a more bold outfit, others can wear something more neutral to balance each other out. You could accessorize with coats, hats, and scarves if you'd like!

Courtney's scarf matched Suzie's green vest perfectly and we love the addition of a more neutral blue to switch up the whites!

3. COMFORTABLE Shoes and Clothes (We will get you moving/walking around)

We will show your feet in pictures! Pick a pair that will look nice but that you can get around in. We say comfortable clothes because if you feel good and feel comfortable, that will shine through in your photos! Wear an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks!

4. Patterns

Two pattern tips!

1. Go BIG! Bigger patterns photograph better than smaller patterns.

2. don't be afraid to mix patterns with solids!

If you wear patterns, we suggest big patterns, as small patterns don't photograph as well (ex. go with big plaid over small plaid or big floral prints over small dots). We LOVE how Brittany + Keith mix and matched patterns!! The earth tones in Brittany's top, Keith and Ethan's green pants, and the baby's top pull everything together beautifully.

Samantha and Evan filmed Brittany and Keith's wedding a few years ago and their kids are so wonderful! As photographers, it's so special to see our clients again and photograph their growing families!

5. Wrinkles/Fold Lines Show

If you bought the perfect outfits for your photo session, make sure you unfold them before you're getting ready to leave for your session. Fold lines and wrinkles are small but they will show in photos. So if that will bother you, use the iron/steamer or wear a layer over it.

6. Pinterest

Even though we're not professional stylists, there are lots of people on Pinterest who are! Deciding on outfits can be hard, but Pinterest has great inspiration ideas!

7. Water

Even on a cold-weather day, we strongly encourage you to bring a water bottle. Photo sessions can dry out your mouth and

*Bonus tip* chapstick is your best friend in the day leading up to your session!

8. Mind the time of your session.

Your session will be following and/or right before another so please be ready to go so we can get the most out of your session!

9. We plan on having a great time, but you know your family best!

If you have young kids (or old kids, or a spouse!) who don't love photos, plan accordingly! Try to get a good night's sleep or grab a snack before the session. Since these sessions are short, maybe plan a fun surprise for after! Playing at the park after or getting a lollipop can go a long way.

We cannot wait to hang out with you and your loved-ones soon!! See you in the fall!

LOVE! Catherine

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