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Mitch + Andrea Engagement | Penn State Arboretum and Musser Gap Trail

This weekend, I got to hang out with Andrea and Mitch in State College, PA for their engagement session! I met them at the Penn State Arboretum and then headed to the Musser Gap Trail. While our goal was to catch the Happy Valley foliage, Sunday's weather has other plans. Thankfully Andrea and Mitch can make any weather look GREAT!

When I first got to the Arboretum, the sky was looking bright enough, and I had found some colorful trees! I was so excited for a lovely fall evening with Andrea and Mitch. Their bright outfits were perfect! against all the arboretum's greenery!

The last time I saw these two was in high school. They were a year ahead of me. While we all went to State High together, Andrea and Mitch didn't meet until their junior year of college! It was at Penn State that they met while playing board games at a mutual friend's apartment. Andrea thought Mitch seemed very nice and was a lot of fun to hang out with. Mitch thought Andrea was pretty and nice.

I loved getting to catch up with Andrea and Mitch. It had been since high school that I had seen them, and I was excited to learn about what they've been up to since. I was excited to learn that they recently moved from Virginia back to Pennsylvania with their two pups, and were keeping busy with their new home and Andrea's new job at the hospital. We bonded over our many house projects, and I loved learning about their plans for their May 2022 wedding.