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Wilton + Lindsay Wedding Part II | Edgewood Country Club, Pittsburgh, PA

You may remember Wilton and Lindsay from last year. Like many 2020 couples, their wedding day was compromised by the pandemic, forcing them to alter their plans. While this change looked different for every couple, it meant two different wedding celebrations for Lindsay and Wilton.

Last year they held their wedding amongst their immediate families while their guests watched from YouTube. This year, they held a vow renewal ceremony and reception celebration with all of their guests in person.

Going into these two dates, we briefly discussed how we wanted to tell their story thorough their videos. I had never done celebrations and storytelling like this (between 2 dates, a year apart) before, but what a freaking gem of a couple to try. I know I have talked a lot about how great of people Lindsay and Wilton are in the past, but getting to see and celebrate with them and their families a second time reminded me of how much I freaking love them.

If someone wasn't busy trying to help me find a piece of equipment, they were offering me food. If I wasn't already dancing with my camera on the dance floor, they made me put it down to join them, These families made everyone feel welcomed and loved. Whether you were a guest or a vendor, they made sure everyone attending this celebration felt special. Seeing the Wratcher and Smith families again this year was like catching up with old pals, and I LOVED IT. Thank you Scott, Karen, Bob, and Cindy for passing such amazing qualities down to your kids.

I cannot say enough great things about Lindsay and Wilton and these celebrations. Between their moving vows, the amazing toasts, and all the love they share with each other and so many other people, my emotions were all over the shop. And my storyline editing got a little complex throughout the process. How could I put such a beautiful story, such an amazing couple, and TWO outstanding days into a video?!

I don't know if any video could ever capture how natural this love is. But I am forever grateful that Lindsay and Wilton gave us the opportunity to try. We feel so honored and blessed to have been a part of both of these celebrations. We love you both, thank you for an amazing celebration, and wish you the best on many more years to come.

Thank you to this amazing team of wedding vendors who made our job so much more enjoyable, and kept the day running smoothly! We really appreciate you all!


Florals | Rosebud Floral

Transportation | Elite Transportation

Reception Venue | Edgewood Country Club

Bridal Gown | Bridal Beginnings

Groom's Suit | Indochino

Photo Booth | Lux Photobooth

Love! Samantha


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