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I once had a neighbor who went everywhere with his camera. I'm just picking up where he left off.

Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer| Saman



My love for photography and videography are rooted in my early childhood memories with my best friend.


I grew up with an absolutely brilliant gentleman we called Mr. Beck. He was my 80-year-old neighbor and best friend. He would spend mornings and afternoons with me, baking, polishing rocks and having picnics (he supplied the homemade bread and I, the pudding cups). He joined our family at the park, soccer fields, and around the dinner table. Everywhere he went, he carried his cane in his hand and his clunky, Polaroid camera around his neck. 


After a tough August morning and a night spent crying in our cedar closet, I went to the many albums Mr. Beck made us. He was gone, but the man behind the camera would forever inspire me, not only to give people a chance to relive their most joyful memories, but also to serve others with love and selflessness. 


After earning degrees in Film/Video and Hospitality Management from Penn State University, I began Samantha Malizia Films Inc. With the endless support from my family and friends, I work alongside my sister and high school sweetheart, recreating memories and creating content for some of the best clients!

The SMF Story

 the samantha malizia films story 

After 4 years of studying and working in the hospitality industry, I decided it wasn't the career path for me. 


I put the money earned toward editing software, a camera, and a tripod.

On finals and graduation week, I shot my first wedding as Samantha Malizia Films Inc.



After graduation, in my first year of business, I had to ask my younger PSU friends to rent out university equipment for me. Students got free rentals, and I couldn't afford the gear.



 The SMF Team



Founder, videographer, photographer, content creator, and editor at SMF. Breakfast fanatic, adventure seeker, and thunderstorm watcher. 


Second photographer, editor, and virtual assistant at SMF. Wanderlust traveler, social media guru, and strong believer of bringing people together in the kitchen.




Second videographer, sound specialist and graphic designer at SMF. A full-time petroleum engineer, random fact extraordinaire,  meal maker, and big reading guy.

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