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Keith + Brittany Feature Film | Earlystown Manor

As we finish up our wedding season, I am so grateful for our couples. No matter the weather or any wedding day hiccup, our couples have never failed to lose sight of the joy and love that makes the wedding day so wonderful. As storytellers, we have been so grateful to be a part of the love that couples, families and friends share on one of the biggest days of their lives.

We ended our wedding season, celebrating the love of Brittany and Keith. These two met while working at Best Event Rental (so you already know that you're about to see a beautiful day)! After 5 years of dating and a special Christmas engagement, Brittany and Keith tied the knot alongside their three wonderful kids, Brogan, Ethan and Brynn.

The best way that I could explain their fall wedding would be to call it a homecoming. There were big reunions and there were small reunions, but all of them were important. From Brittany's brother flying in from Asia, to Brittany and Keith's reunion at their first look, every moment shared on this wedding day was special and came with so much joy.

The homecoming joy didn't end at the beginning of the day either. At Brittany's first look with her sons, Brogan and Ethan, Ethan turned around yelled an excited "Mommy!!" while Brogan adoringly looked up at his mom like she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Throughout the ceremony, Brittany and Keith shared so many tears, laughs, and smiles. Although I have only known them for a short time, I could tell that they had been waiting their whole life for this, to become husband and wife. They were so beautifully present in every moment of their ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, after they were announced Mr. and Mrs., Keith and Brittany McGrory, Ethan ran up to Keith, embracing him with the warmest hugs, and even receded down the aisle with his parents.

The whole day gave me chills and challenged me to keep it together, and be professional. But shoot, even while reviewing their video, my family members, along with Evan and Catherine all asked, "were you crying the whole wedding day?"

No matter how many hours I have spent working on this, no matter how many times I have watched and reviewed it, this wedding day and video consistently chokes me up. The main reason I call these moments "homecoming moments" on this specific wedding day, is because of a moment during Keith's brother, Joe's, toast. Next to Brittany and Keith's long-awaited homecoming moment, that was them becoming husband and wife, my favorite moment was a special message from another important woman in Keith's life. Take a look, listen closely, and enjoy Keith and Brittany's feature film.

To me, a homecoming is a reminder that no matter how far or near your loved ones may be, they are always present in your life somehow. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to have events like weddings and holidays to remind us of how loved we are. During this holiday season, remember to cherish those homecomings. those family members with you now, and the family members or loved ones watching over you everyday.

Keith and Brittany, we cannot thank you enough for sharing these joyful moments with us. We are so thankful that you two found each other, and that we had the the opportunity to celebrate your love on your wedding day. You are an amazing couple with some amazing kids. Enjoy your video and have a great Thanksgiving!!

Thank you to the wonderful Wedding Team

Design + Planning | B Events

Rentals | Best Event Rental

Venue | Earlystown Manor Bed and Breakfast

Officiant | Carol Lindsay

Hair + Makeup | BMSHL

Catering | Catering With Style

Cake | Delectable Delights

Bar | Justin Vannuchi

Florist | Avant Garden

Photography | Savita Sittler

Entertainment | Alex of Mint DJ Events

Videography | Samantha Malizia Films




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