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Wilton + Lindsay Wedding Film Part 1 | Edgewood Country Club

Before knowing I was going to shoot Lindsay and Wilton's Wedding, I knew I wanted to. I knew they would be a couple for us within the first few minutes of our Skype. I had never really known Lindsay or Wilton before, other than recognizing Wilton from back when he interviewed me for a Penn State Tour Guide position, and recalling a night in College when Catherine brought Lindsay over to my parent's house for mixology night. But, man! I got to Skyping with them, and it was like catching up with a couple of old friends! They were so fly! Even if they didn't book me, I wouldn't be mad, I had a great time Skyping them! Luckily we were a good fit for each other, and since that Skype, I have been so excited to work with these two. But enough about how much I love these two! This isn't about Wilton, Lindsay, and SMF. Meet Lindsay and Wilton!

These are still frames from the video, but to see their photos, make sure to follow Steven Dray! We LOVED working alongside Steven. Such a chill guy, and the best hype-man in the game!

Lindsay and Wilton are similar to a few of our couples in the sense that they met at Penn State! While participating in a THON organization, they served on the executive board together. This meant many long nights with the organization. Although they don't remember exactly how they met, they remember the great friendship they shared. And that's all they were for a while, great friends.

One night, Lindsay and Wilton were heading home from a night out when Wilton told Lindsay that this friendship couldn't continue. He liked her more than a friend, and luckily for Wilton, Lindsay felt the same way. After long distance, graduate school, and medical school, it was the 2020, the year of their wedding! That being said, this wasn't the wedding they planned...

While the Covid-19 Pandemic kept establishments closed and people in lockdown, Lindsay and Wilton considered all their options. In the end, they decided to keep their wedding date the same, but with a much smaller group of people. Surrounded by their families, their officiant, Kevin (who is a part of their PSU THON family), and over 200 guests on their YouTube Live, these two made it official! This private wedding was made complete with visits to Lindsay's grandmother's retirement community, surprises of Limo rides, at home dinners prepared by their venue's chef, a surprise first dance on the venue's balcony, and so much more.

While it was not the ceremony or Wedding day they expected, it was still the perfect day as Lindsay and Wilton became Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Enjoy their wedding video below!

Thank you Lindsay and Wilton for this amazing day! Thank you for making every interaction a positive one in the midst of this unpredictability. Thank you for the constant communication and trial runs of testing out the YouTube Live. Thank you for letting us celebrate with you, and to your families for making us feel like part of the clan! We feel so blessed to have gotten to cover this special day, and can't wait to celebrate with you and the rest of your loved ones in August.

Thank you to this amazing team of wedding vendors who made our job so much more enjoyable, and kept the day running smoothly! We really appreciate you all!


Florals | Rosebud Floral

Reception Venue | Edgewood Country Club

Bridal Gown | Bridal Beginnings

Groom's Suit | Indochino

Much love, thanks, and CONGRATULATIONS to the new, Mr. and Mrs. Smith!



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