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Caleb and Maddie's Engagement | Schenley Park and Station Square, Pittsburgh

August through October is usually a busy time for SMF, and last week was the beginning of that amazing season. After Catherine and I shot Brad and Chelsea's wedding in State College, I hustled back to Pittsburgh and put Evan in charge of making sure we were ready for Sunday's session. We had a sunrise engagement session with Maddie and Caleb at Schenley Park and Station Square! These two were coming from Virginia to Pennsylvania for the weekend to visit family and find Maddie's wedding gown. So, we decided to squeeze in their engagement session during their trip, and boy, are we glad we did. It was our first engagement session in the city!

Maddie and Celeb make an amazing pair. They began dating in High School, but we met them while attending Penn State. Although I would see them in passing at church, I got to know them better though an organization called Project Haiti. They were always such kindhearted people! The type that never failed to share a friendly smile and a hello any time we passed one another on campus.

About a month ago, Maddie posted about their engagement! Caleb's proposal was AMAZING! He proposed to Maddie on her family's beach vacation, and the photos and videos from it made me cry, so much happiness! After eight years of dating, these two would soon get to become husband and wife! I knew that photographing them would be a joyful session!

On the the morning of Sunday, August 2, Evan and I drove into the city at 5:45 AM. The dark clouds over Flagstaff Hill lingered for the first half of our session. So although we didn't get an epic sunrise, we still made the most of the empty park!

While looking around Schenley Park, Evan and I came across this building on Carnegie Mellon's Campus! We had to stop by for a few pics before we left for Station Square!

Maddie and I had been texting the day before wondering if we should postpone the session because the radar was calling for rain. But as we wrapped up with our first location, the sky cleared up! The sun coming out for even a little bit was a relief.

Maddie and Caleb's outfits were perfect! Since their wedding is in November of 2021, they wanted their first outfit to have a casual fall vibe. Their second outfits were perfect for a classy August evening. How sharp are they?!

I love me a maxi dress that we can let flow in the wind!

These two seriously belong on a magazine! I don't know many people that can look this good at 7am!

Maddie and Caleb, thank you for waking up at the crack of dawn for your engagement session. Thank you for waiting out the super-long train, and for helping us exit the garage (lol). We had such a fun morning with you, and are glad that you could do your session in the city where you two began your love story. It was so wonderful getting to catch up with you, and we hope your wedding planning continues to go well. We cannot wait to continue to capture the beginning of your forever together.



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