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Zach + Rachel Engagement | Penn State Arboretum and Downtown Lemont

Last week, Catherine and I got to hang out with Rachel and Zach in State College, PA for their engagement session! We met them at the Penn State Arboretum and then headed to downtown Lemont. These two are some of the sweetest people we have gotten to photograph.

Rachel and Zach's story began in EIGHTH GRADE! They were introduced by a mutual friend at a Little League baseball game. Now, as a middle school girl, I attended MANY little league baseball games with my girlfriends, to "watch" our friends'/ brothers' games. But honestly, if there was a place for middle schoolers to find love in the State College summertime, it was at those fields. Not too many middle schoolers were that lucky. But Rachel and Zach, they were, and now they're planning their wedding! These two are an inspiration for middle schoolers everywhere.

Fast forward to now, 14 years later, these two have been together for HALF of their lives! And let me tell you, I love them together. Not only do they balance one another out so beautifully, but they also bring so much joy to each other. While this session was full of dance lessons, swampy grounds, and SO MANY bugs, It was also filled with genuine laughter, joy, and fun. We were so happy to spend an evening taking Rachel and Zach's engagement photos!

MODELS! Honestly though their range of facial expressions is impressive!

This ring was everything!

If you haven't already noticed, they have the best eyes!

After we finished at the Arboretum, we headed to downtown Lemont!

We had so much fun with Rachel and Zach! Thank you two for making time in your busy schedules to have your engagement session! We loved getting to hang out with you and can't wait to celebrate your big day with you next June!!!




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