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Jacob + Janelle Wedding | Moonstone Manor

Janelle and Jacob's wedding day was a refreshing celebration for us and so many others. In a year where we have gotten our fill of compromised celebrations, vacations, gatherings, etc. it was so amazing to be a part of this celebration. People gathered (outside), people danced (with masks) and everyone celebrated! In no speeches were there mentions of the pandemic or compromise, only joy for this new union. I left Jacob and Janelle's wedding day inspired by this couple and all their guests.

It is easy to see how natural Jacob and Janelle are together, as a couple and as a team. As mentioned by so many of their wedding party, Janelle and Jacob are a fun, passionate, and positive couple. They are the type of people that make everything a little more fun and entertaining by just being there, by throwing in a quick one-liner, or letting their positivity shine. They both are so passionate about their jobs, work incredibly hard, and care so much about the people they love, especially Nikki.

It was a sunny day in Elizabethtown's Moonstone Manor. As the boys got ready in the farm house, the girls got hair and makeup done in the mansion.

Catherine and I couldn't stop talking about how beautiful Janelle's hair has always been. We couldn't wait to see what Stephanie from Flawless Beauty On-Site did with it!

Look at those locks!! That's all of of Janelle's REAL HAIR! Once she was done with Stephanie, she finished make-up with Carmina! Both the makeup artists and photographers were all about the conservatory! We love all the natural light!

We love watching moms on their daughter's wedding day. We would catch Sharon just looking back and smiling at Janelle throughout the whole morning. You raised a beautiful daughter inside and out, Sharon and Michael.

I swear Janelle's dress from Taylored for You was made for her! A stunning dress for a breathtaking bride!

On the day of her wedding, Janelle chose to wear her grandmother's shoes!

Janelle and Jacob wrote letters to each other to read before the ceremony.