Jana's Graduate Session | Penn State Class of 2021

How do I even start this blog?! I cannot begin to describe to you how much I adore this senior. I had never met Jana before her graduate session, but after a few email and Instagram exchanges, I got SO excited to meet her! So, let me introduce you to this crazy-talented, smart, and beautiful lady!

Meet Jana, a Penn State graduate student receiving her Master's degree in Agricultural and Extension Education. Jana is West Coast girl from Washington. She moved to California to receive her bachelor's degree in Agriculture from California Polytechnic State University. Then. in 2019, she came to Penn State to receive her master's degree! After the school year kept Jana working from California, she and her mother Julie came all this way for her grad session! We were so thankful that these two could make the trip. THEY ARE THE BEST (more on why I love them later).

We had Jana and Julie meet us at 7:30 am to beat the crowd of graduates. When we arrived to the stadium sign, we got to meet Jana's boss, who was kind enough to pick up (and steam!) Jana's cap and gown. Jana told us that her work friends were her family away from home during her time at Penn State. I can't imagine how much her Penn State family is going to miss her.

First off, I LOVE this one! What a beauty! While you probably see some nice glow and wind-blown hair in these photos, you need to know that it's just Jana being a champ, because it was was SO FREAKING COLD! It was snowing in Happy Valley days before this shoot, and we were just thankful that the sun was out!

After the Penn State sign, we got into our cars, defrosted a bit, and headed to Old Main!

Jana and I hit it off right away. From her first email, I could tell that she was smart, kind hearted, and personable. Then we connected on instagram, and you guys... she loves ABBA as much as me! As if her sharing about the ABBA cover band experiences wasn't enough to steal my heart, she is a photographer too! Fun fact, she taught me how she has her grads hold their caps, and I loved it! Check her out! Seriously, she has so much talent, a great eye for composition, and amazing understanding of lighting!

This was another highlight of Jana's session! Usually, Catherine and I have to force parents to jump in on their graduate's photos, not this one! Jana told her mother Julie that she'd be in them, and she was more than willing to partake in her daughter's photos! Thank you Julie for joining in on the fun, and for raising such a wonderful daughter.

Next, we headed to the Old Main Columns for a quick outfit change and some headshots..

We did not just walk down the columns, we strutted down the columns to ABBA. We had ourselves a time! Only after scream-singing and cheering for Jana did I notice other grads in the area... but I didn't even care! She's worth it!

Although Jana survived the windy morning like a champ, we can see why she is heading back to California. While there, she will continue to be busy with her photography business, and hopes to also work in the Agriculture department at her alma mater, Cal Poly. I truly believe that this girl will achieve anything that she puts her mind to, and I am so exited to see where life takes her. Catherine made fun of me for yelling, "Goodbye! I love you!" to Jana after her session, but I'm for real! I freaking love this senior and I missed her after our whole 1-hour session! She's that wonderful!

Thank you, Jana and Julie for taking the long trip to PA, for toughing out the early morning session, and for giving us one of our most favorite sessions yet! Anytime you're in State College or Pittsburgh, hit us up!! I'm for real!

LOVE!! Samantha

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