David + Emily Wedding | Private Property, State College, PA

David and Emily's at-home wedding took place in State College, PA on December 22, 2020. Surrounded by their parents, virtually, their friends and their pup Lucy, David and Emily were pronounced partners for life.

A Tuesday wedding, a crowd of five people, a digital officiant, a bride in her Nikes, and in the comfort of their own home. This 2020 wedding was unlike any other we have photographed, and we loved every second of it. Emily and David's big day was an amazing one to wrap-up our 2020. Emily and David reminded us that no matter the venue, the day, or the crowd, as long as you're with that special person, it is the perfect day.

David and Emily's dog, Lucy had a custom collar for the big day. David made sure this, amongst everything else in the house, was perfect before Emily arrived.


David and Emily celebrated their wedding in their State College home. On Tuesday afternoon, their good friend and officiant, Neal, began welcoming the attendees on Zoom, thanking everyone for "not being there today", an appropriate welcoming amidst the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

Soon after, Neal invited Emily to join David in the living room. Emily's mother and father escorted Emily down the stairs of her house, and her father gave Emily away to her excited husband-to-be. Once she "entered the screen" the ceremony began.

Here comes the bride!

We love how Lucy watched with David as Emily came down the stairs!

Emily and David wrote their own vows, and they were some of the most beautiful vows we have heard. The whole time we photographed, I was just thinking about how I hope that these were on video. Luckily for them, their ring-bearer/zoom tech, Alyssa made sure to record the zoom (as did their parents).

Their vows Included stories of how they met, three years ago on that day. Emily spoke of her parent's habits, like going everywhere together, and constantly holding hands. She never understood why they would do that until she met David. I don't think there was a dry eye in the crowd.

Next, came the exchange of rings. I wish all couples were as entertaining as these two. Even during their ring exchange, Emily had me laughing! Every component of the ceremony had us laughing, smiling, or crying behind the camera!

The ceremony concluded with a champagne toast, and the fathers signing Emily and David's marriage license. Once we finished those, it was portrait time!

Lucy couldn't stay away from these two! She jumped on the couch to join in on the fun!

Emily has a heart of gold! My family has known Emily for a few years, and I don't think I can express how much we adore her. I have never seen Emily not smiling. She is sincere, quick-witted, and so fly! Anytime Catherine and I see Emily, we usually leave talking about her amazing style. And this dress! Emily and David stuck to online shopping for their wedding day, and DANG! How fresh!

We loved the fireplace design and house decor. The floral arrangements were done by the always-talented Daniel Vaughn.

How dapper is David?! We got to meet David at our Fall Mini Sessions this past November, and what a first impression he made on us! Right away, we could tell how good of a guy he was. He was easy to talk to, well-mannered, helping Emily in and out of the overgrown field. He's an overall great guy. There wasn't a thing he would do that wouldn't make Emily smile. During his portrait session, David talked about how much easier it is to smile and laugh when he had Emily by his side.

We loved how their red and brick house complimented their Christmas-time colors!

While getting ready, Emily looked in her room at the red heels she had to wear with her dress. She asked Alyssa if people would actually notice if she just wore her Nike's. Nike's and Penn State socks, the perfect addition to Emily's wedding day look. I'm personally jealous.