Caleb + Maddie Wedding Ceremony | St. Catherine of Sweden Church, Allison Park, PA

Caleb and Maddie got married March 20th at St. Catherine of Sweden Church in Allison Park, PA. This was their first of two wedding day celebrations, and we are so thankful to have gotten the chance to photograph it!

Like many of us Catholics, Maddie and Caleb wanted their wedding to be recognized by the church, but they also wanted to have an outdoor ceremony. So, Maddie and Caleb decided to hold their church ceremony on a different day from their larger wedding day celebration.

This small ceremony was celebrated amongst Maddie and Caleb's family in their hometown of Pittsburgh. It was a beautiful ceremony officiated by Fr. Matthew Laffey, a priest Maddie and Caleb befriended during their time at Penn State (the same Priest that did Evan and my wedding! Everyone loves Padre). It was a beautiful afternoon for this amazing couple and their families. We are grateful that we were able to join them for this first celebration, and look forward to celebrating with them again in November!

Caleb's younger brother Luke was his best man for this ceremony!

Maddie and Caleb exchanged gifts prior to their ceremony. We love when couples do this! It's a wonderful way to slow a busy morning down, and feel excited about what lies ahead!

We loved this sleek MVMT watch that Maddie gifted Caleb! It went perfect with his wedding day look!

Speaking of sleek, check out this handsome gus! Caleb's hair was a lot shorter, when we photographed their engagement session, but when we saw him on wedding day, I was loving the long hair!

Caleb gifted Maddie a pair of pearl earrings! A wedding day accessory that matched her mother's pearl necklace perfectly!

The girls from Maddie and Caleb's families both helped this stunning bride get ready for the ceremony. I loved seeing these families come together for Caleb and Maddie!

Maddie's younger sister, Gabrielle was her maid of honor!

Caleb and Maddie have been together for as long as I have known them. I had met them while at Penn State, but their story started a few years before. Maddie and Caleb had been together since 2012, After meeting through their church's organized activities, Caleb took every chance he could to spend time with Maddie (even join her on early morning runs). After spending most of their summer together, Caleb asked Maddie to be his girlfriend. After over 9 years of being together, I can't imagine how ready for this wedding day the two of them were.

This is a FAVORITE! I absolutely adore them!

I loved watching Caleb and Maddie taking in all the little moments during their ceremony.

Evan snuck behind the alter for this picture on the right, and I was so glad he did!

Maddie and Caleb honored the Blessed Mother, Mary during their ceremony, presenting her flowers, and joining each other in prayer.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Myers!!

We headed outside for family photos next. It's not hard to tell that these two are high school sweethearts, especially when you see them around each other's family. Maddie has grown to be a part of the Myer's family as if she were born into it and it's the same with Caleb and the Nellis family. I'm a sucker for big families, so I'm not surprised that we fell in love with both Maddie and Celeb's family on this beautiful day!

Family is very important to both Maddie and Caleb. So, I found this ceremony beautifully personal as these two kept it limited to family only. What a special way to bring two families together in celebration.

We had some time for couple portraits before Maddie and Caleb went back home to celebrate with their families!