Sanjeev + Bindu | Penn State Arboretum Proposal

For every proposal we cover, there is always a certain amount of uncertainty involved.

Will they be on time? The girl usually doesn't know that they have a place to be at a certain time, so what's the rush?

Will people be in the way? We have a few positions, but what if someone blocks our camera?

Will the girl see or notice us?

These are a few of many.

For this proposal, there was a crowd. That was a problem. Also, no one saw us. That turned out to be a problem too...

It was a Saturday when Sanjeev and Bindu came to State College, Bindu's hometown, for a visit. Their Saturday plans included of a tour of Penn State's campus, and then dinner with Bindu's parents. After Bindu showed Sanjeev around campus, they would head to Penn State's Berkey Creamery and then to the Arboretum. While they enjoyed their ice cream, Evan and I would get into place at the Arboretum.

After taking some test shots, I took my spot. I hid in the shrubbery behind the bridge in the Childhood's Gate portion of the arboretum. Evan was also in Childhood's Gate, but across the area, blending in with other visitors.

When Sanjeev and Bindu arrived, Evan gave me the signal. We kept an eye on them as they walked around the arboretum. They kept stopping at all the plaques in the area. They were really taking their time to make it to the bridge. Apparently, Sanjeev worried that we weren't there. We hid too well, because he couldn't find us! Eventually, they made their way to the Childhood's Gate area... it was go time!

BUT not before a second crowd of people entered Childhood's Gate, and began walking RIGHT BEHIND Sanjeev and Binud! They were about be in the middle of the proposal (and likely block Evan's shot)! Seconds before Sanjeev got down on one knee, Evan ran up to the crowd and as quietly as possible stopped them in their tracks... NOW, we were on!

Although the two had already known that they would be getting married, Sanjeev pulled off this surprise proposal beautifully! He knew that the Arboretum was a special place to Bindu, and the date, March 14 was a meaningful one (for math lovers and in his family).

Throughout their whole session, these two were smiling and laughing. It's so easy to see how happy they make each other.

Look at this ring! Sanjeev got Bindu her dream tanzanite ring!!

In Bindu's first book titled, "A Rearranged Life" the couple has their first kiss in this spot of the Arboretum!

THOSE EYES! Oh my word!

Not all girls get two rings for a proposal!

Sanjeev would joke with Bindu about the ring, often telling her that he would get her a ring pop! He even brought it with him! Seriously, he thought of everything!

After our shoot, we wished them the best and said our goodbyes. What Bindu didn't know was that the surprise would continue at her parents' house!

Not only had Bindu's parents filled the house with beautiful decorations, but they filled it with a few extra people too!

After being greeted at the door by her parents, her best friend and brother came from behind the corner to congratulate the newly engaged couple!

Sanjeev wanted us to capture this surprise too, so he made sure we had a head start out of the Arboretum parking lot!

One of my favorite parts of proposals and weddings is seeing the family's relationship with the newest family member. By just talking to Bindu's family, we could tell how proud they felt accepting Sanjeev into the family. Bindu definitely found a good one!

Growing up in State College and attending Penn State, I had known the Pisupati family. My one sister went to school with Bindu's brother and my other sister and Evan had classes at Penn State with Bindu's father! They are such wonderful family with contagious joy!

CONGRATULATIONS, Sanjeev and Bindu! We are so excited for you, and feel so humbled to be there to capture one of the happiest moments of your lives! You two are so much fun to be around and so easy to talk to! I could have hung out with you two for the whole day. You make a great couple, and we couldn't be happier for you! Congrats, again!!