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Andrew + Lauren | Port Matilda Proposal

This shoot originally started out as a family portrait session. Andrew's mother Sheila, had been trying to arrange a family photo for many months. Their family photos needed updated, but with two sons in the military, finding a time when everyone would be together had been difficult.

Finally, this past December, Sheila called me, and we set a date. Not only that, but her and son Andrew had gone looking for engagement rings! While the family as together over the holidays, Andrew would ask his girlfriend, Lauren to marry him!

It was the day before the shoot. Evan and I had just gotten home from a wedding, and I texted Sheila asking about Andrew's plans. Lauren was over at the house when I texted, so Sheila took Lauren's dog out for a walk, and we planned the proposal.


After taking a variety of family photos, Sheila would suggest Lauren and Andrew get a few pictures together. While this was happening, Lauren's family would slowly enter the area, from behind the couple. As the two posed, Andrew would pull out the ring and ask!

Thankfully, Sheila noticed Lauren's family entering the room and suggested that Lauren stand on the side that had her back facing the door!

The families stood by capturing the moment too!! It was very important to Andrew that both families could be there to enjoy this exciting time! He even brought his mom with him to Confer's Jewelers to help pick out the ring!

Lauren was SO surprised. At one point she exclaimed, "No one told me!" To which her brother, Anders responded, "That's the point."

Kris, Lauren's brother (and my all-time favorite lacrosse goalie), unfortunately couldn't make it since he had been working overseas, but everyone was sure to keep him posted!

After we finished the family group pictures, I took Lauren and Andrew outside of the house for some newly engaged photos!

Andrew wasn't afraid to spray the champagne after it popped, making these some of our FAVORITE champagne popping photos! These two are SO fun!

All of these pictures were taken at Andrew's grandparent's house in Port Matilda.

The Moscone and Sonsteby families have been a part of our lives since elementary and high school! Both families are full of hard working, kind hearted kids, and we have felt so grateful to have grown up with them. Better yet, we can't wait to see their families officially join together!

We are SO excited for Andrew and Lauren, and wish them the best! It is so easy to see that they really bring out the best in each other, and are best friends. Congratulations you guys!!!



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