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Brad + Chelsea Engagement | Penn State Arboretum and Spring Creek

This engagement session was one that we have been excited about for quite some time! Growing up, I can remember many nights of Brad coming over to the Malizia house to hang out with our older brother, Anthony. When I later started high school, I met his sister, and I wasn't surprised to learn she was just as kind-hearted as Brad. The whole Frantz family is as sweet as they come!

When Catherine began high school, she befriended Chelsea in their high school history class! Chelsea is one of those people that will go out of their way to make someone happy. That being said, she is amazing at her job. Chelsea manages the suites at Penn State hockey and football games. I recently attended a Hockey game with my mom, and upon entering the area, Chelsea greeted my mom with a bag of fresh peanut butter cookies! Apparently, my mom once asked Chelsea if they had any peanut butter cookies in the back, and they did not. Since that game, she made sure to have a small bag of peanut butter cookies ready for my mom! SO KIND! Thanks, Chelsea!

These two naturally bring so much joy out of each other, making them wonderful to photograph! It was a foggy morning in State College when we headed to Penn State's Arboretum. But for a December 27th shoot, we lucked out with 40 degree weather in State College!

After the arboretum, we headed to Spring Creek Park, and they changed to their comfy outfits!

After hanging out with Brad and Chelsea, one thing that I noticed and loved about them was how they both laugh with their whole body! I loved seeing them laugh together!

Cozy outfits call for piggyback rides and warm hugs, of course!

Although I knew Brad and Chelsea, I had never met them as a couple before this session. But boy, WHAT A WONDERFUL PAIR! We left this session talking about how perfect they are together. These two share such an amazing bond, and a beautiful friendship. It is such an honor to be able to capture the beginning of their life long journey together. We are so happy for you two, and can't wait to celebrate with you in August! LOVE!



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