Will + Amanda | Penn State Arboretum Proposal

Living in State College for the majority of our lives, we grew up with the Farnsworth family. We would often see them at the little league fields, church, or the high school basketball courts. So, when Will reached out to us with exciting news about him proposing to his girlfriend, Amanda, we felt so excited!

Will and I emailed for weeks leading up to the proposal. While we were both in State College for the holidays, Will, his sister, Anna, and I met up downtown to location scout, and review the plans for tomorrow! Seeing any of the Farnsworth clan is always fun. They are friends that you can pick up right from where you left off. Our care ride was full of life updates and reminiscing on the past. While we caught up, Will began talking about how excited (and nervous) he was for tomorrow. He COULDN'T WAIT to ask Amanda to marry him!


On the night of the 23rd, Anna would mention going to the Arboretum to check out their Christmas set up and decorations. The next day, Anna would get to the Arboretum 30 minutes before Will and Amanda. Anna would hang Will's ornament in the middle of the Christmas tree set. The ornament read, "Amanda, will you marry me?" and had a picture of their dog, Avery. Once Will and Amanda arrived to the Arboretum, Anna would "be in the bathroom" (which is right by the Christmas tree set). Will and Amanda would "wait for Anna" near the trees. Once Amanda saw the ornament, Will would be behind her on one knee. Anna would be hiding with us in the other Christmas decorations, awaiting her response!


Honestly, this was one of the smoothest proposals! Things went according to plan! There were some points where we wrongly identified their car. And Will had a tough time getting Amanda to actually look at the tree, but he got her there, and we were able to cover it! Enjoy Will and Amanda's proposal photos and their behind the scenes video below!

It was very important to Will that Anna was there and able to see the proposal happen. As someone with a lot of siblings, this sibling dynamic was one of my favorite parts. Anna was just as excited as Will was to welcome Amanda to the family!

Since Amanda and Will were traveling for the holidays, Amanda had a bag full of clothes in her car! Their outfits looked so good together!!

Fun fact: Will knew that Amanda liked dates with good numbers, so proposing on 12/24 would be perfect, and a date that is memorable. They plan to get married on 4/4/22!

Amanda has been looking at this diamond for quite some time! Her mom had originally bought the diamond after she hit the jackpot at a casino! Will knew that this ring and that diamond would be important to Amanda. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!

CONGRATULATIONS Will and Amanda! We are so excited for the two of you, and feel so humbled that you asked us to be there to capture one of the happiest moments of your lives! You are so wonderful for each other and we couldn't be happier for you!

Happy 2020! LOVE!


P.S. Thanks to Anna for being there to take a picture of the whole SMF team with the newly engaged couple!

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