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Chris + Taylor Proposal | Army vs Navy Tailgate

During college, Catherine and I were involved in the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON). It was through our involvement in that, that we were lucky enough to meet Chris! In 2014, while Chris was on Catherine's THON committee, he befriended Logan who introduced him to her roommate, Taylor.

While planning, Chris would often call us from his car. Since he and Taylor live together, he would chill in his driveway for quite some time on the phone with us, and tell Taylor, "It was work". Once, while Chris was sharing his proposal plans during a three-way call with Catherine and me, the call suddenly dropped. Catherine and I were left on the phone, saying "Chris, hello? Are you there?". We stayed on the call, when we eventually heard Chris' voice again. "Hey guys, is it you? Sorry, my boss called and I guess I answered. I accidentally shared my proposal plans with him. He said he thinks it sounds great and said congratulations!" LOL! After we regained our composure, we asked Chis to once again share his plans with us.


Chris would propose to Taylor at the Army vs Navy football game in Philadelphia. After proposing, Chris would have Taylor's friends and family surprise her at the tailgate! After that, we would take some group pictures, and Chris and Taylor's mom would surprise her with one last thing. Something you should know, is that Taylor drove the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile for a year after she graduated from Penn State.


Taylor was under the impression that a few friends from Philly would be stopping by their tailgate before the game. What she didn't know was that we were with her Philly friends and all of her friends and family from out of town planning out the big surprise!

While Catherine and I were going over the plan with Logan and Jenna (bottom middle photo) Taylor sent the top photo, of a view of the parking lot from their tailgate. Jenna opened the text and screamed! Not knowing what made her scream, Logan, Catherine and I ducked down! Jenna turned her phone and said "WE'RE RIGHT NEXT TO THEM!" Unbeknownst to Taylor, we were IN the photo she took and sent (that yellow circle is us!).

Jenna sent a text back to Taylor saying they'd stop by the tailgate later and we all started organizing the crew of families and friends hidden behind cars! To see just how hidden we were behind cars and in the middle of strangers tailgates, check the video!!!

As the parking lot started to fill up, Chris came to meet us and we went over his cue! He was to hug Taylor and spin her into place and as soon as he popped the question, family and friends would fill in behind her!

Just when she thought she couldn't be more shocked, Chris turned her around...

Her excitement seeing her family and friends was so sweet!

Taylor was lovin' showing off her new hardware to her grandparents!

Taylor's friends came ready with champagne to pop and "she said YAAAS" cups!

Did you think Taylor was done being surprised?

We had the whole crew distracted taking photos while Taylor's mother snuck away...

When her mom came back, she had a very LARGE surprise...


Backstory: After graduating from Penn State, Taylor spent a year driving the Wienermobile. Taylor is one of the funniest people you will ever meet so her excitement seeing a giant hotdog roll up was priceless! She got to throw wiener-whistles from the bucket and of course, got some really fun photos!

After all the excitement, we pulled their families aside for some family photos!

And her mom gifted Taylor and Chris the sweetest Christmas ornament!

Once everyone got their hugs and congratulations in, Catherine and I stole them away for some Tailgate- Engagement Photos!

If the way these two look at each other doesn't make you smile, nothing will! They are seriously the sweetest!

Chris give Taylor a piggyback ride and as soon as he put her down, she squatted and said "Okay, hop on! Your turn!"

Some tailgaters next to us REALLY wanted the foam finger to make it into the photo haha!

Taylor has the best friends! Not only did they all travel to surprise her, but they came prepared! Just the fact that they were there meant the world to both Taylor and Chris, but they came with banners, drinks, champagne, gifts - the whole crew was celebrating!

Taylor rocked all the moves to show off her ring best!

Family photo time!

When we met both Taylor and Chris's parents it was so clear where they get their incredible personalities! We loved spending time talking to their parents and watching them celebrate and laugh together!

Of course, Catherine and I needed to get a photo with the happy couple! Our clients are the best!

The middle is Chris, Catherine, and Logan (Taylor's college roommate) who all met through THON and lead to the third photo!

There are a lot of really great things about Chris and Taylor, but one thing that always stands out to us, is how easily they can be themselves around each other. Whether it's dancing in a crowded parking lot, befriending strangers, or yelling to cars driving by about their ENGAGEMENT, Chris and Taylor bring the truest and best versions out of one another. And boy, can they make each other (and so many others) SMILE!

We are so happy for you two, and can't thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to celebrate this special moment with you and your families. LOVE!!


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