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Joe + Maggie | State College Proposal

When Joe reached out to Catherine explaining his plans to propose to her good friend, Maggie Catherine called me FREAKING OUT! Joe was a childhood friend of our brother, and Catherine knew Maggie through a Penn State group called, Mission Mexico. It was through Mission Mexico that Joe and Maggie met. After dating throughout college, graduate school, long-distance, starting jobs and switching jobs, they ended up in Philly! Proposing on Penn State's Campus was the PERFECT place to return to where it all began and pop the question!


Joe and Maggie go on a walk around Downtown State College and Penn State campus with Joe's sister and her boyfriend. Everyone stops at the Lion Shrine for a picture and then continue on to the Pattee and Paterno Library Mall. Joe's sister and her boyfriend back away, and Maggie and Joe continue. Joe proposes to Maggie on the mall, in front of the Library! Proposal window is 2:15 pm - 2:45 pm.


Evan came along with us to the proposal so that he could get some behind the scenes. We got to the library mall around 1:45 pm. As we began explaining what was going on to Evan for behind the scenes, Catherine got a text from Joe's sister, Emily. They were already at the Lion Shrine! Catherine took a quick practice shot of me from her hiding spot, and then Evan and I hustled to our spots.

As they approached the spot, I slowly began walking up the sidewalk, "talking on my phone" and covering my face. Joe hit his mark, turned to Maggie, and BOOM. He was down on his knee so fast, I had to chuck my phone as I leapt over the chained fence.

Evan took some behind the scenes videos of this beautiful day! Since we didn't want Evan to stick out with a large stabilizer, we made him go handheld, so sorry about the shaky footage. But see how it all went down, and enjoy thier pictures below!

Maggie stood there SO surprised and almost in disbelief! When we came out of hiding we were told why. Joe popped the question fast! While they walked to the spot, Joe asked Maggie three quick questions...

1. How her head was feeling (she had a headache all day)

2. If her parents had found her phone (she left it at home, in Philly)

3. If she would marry him!

Hahaha it really threw her off, it was perfect!

Joe's sister, Emily and her boyfriend, Max fell behind when Max "got a call from work" and Emily stayed back with him so that he wouldn't get lost. It was a perfect cover!

After all our congratulations, Joe and Maggie joined us for a quick newly engaged photo session!

On our walk around campus, we asked about the ring. Joe told us that while they were both at work, he received an email saying that the ring arrived at their house. He hustled home from work and when he got there he found the package unopened, and signed for... by their electrician, who was working at their house when the ring arrived!

THOSE GAZES! A couple of stunners!

Thanks for letting us celebrate with you two! We love you guys so much and can't wait for you to tie the knot!!



P.S. Thanks Evan for taking our pic... and getting a picture of a Penn State squirrel.

Evan and Joe joked about getting pictures with the PSU campus squirrels and bunnies...Sorry we didn't get one with them, but Evan got this picture! ENJOY!

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