I Love My Library!

After a few months of living in Bridgeville, I decided to get more involved in the community. I figured the first place to turn is to a place I love most, the library. I have always been a lover of libraries, since going there daily when I was a kid to play ‘Freddie Fish’ with my mom, to setting up shop in the library for a few days at time while finishing my master’s thesis. I applied and interviewed to join the Bridgeville Public Libraries Board of Trustees, and joined in May. Since then, I have been lucky to meet some amazing people and take part in some great events. Our most recent took place this Sunday!

September marks Love Your Library Month, where in Allegheny county all public libraries work to increase awareness and encourage residents to support their local library! I took part by putting up signs on our front door, and handing out stickers at work. To celebrate the culmination of Love Your Library Month, the Bridgeville Public Library hosted an inaugural Lawn Party and Family Fun Day!

We set up activities inside and out of the library for people of all ages! We had an egg toss, Bigfoot races, giant tic-tac-toe, Jenga, Kerplunk, Memory, and corn hole set up, as well as a photo booth, snack station, and face painting! We were so lucky to have so many great families come out to enjoy the beautiful weather and celebrate with us.

As part of the event, Samantha and I took photos and videos! We even got to interview those willing and eager to tell us just why they love their library! Check out event recap video and photos below!

Don't worry, the hose water was able to get the windows all clean after the spray-paint wall went a little beyond the paper.

The Big Foot Races were a hit!

Egg toss time!

The Library activity room was filled with snacks, waters, and freeze pops for everyone! In the other corner, the face painting station was set up!

All I can say is thank you so much to everyone who put on this event, and the families that came out! Thank you to those who love their local library! It is so great so see people coming together, learning and having fun at such a magical place! Continue supporting your library or check your library out to see what it has to offer! The best support for your library is showing up and using it!

Update that library card! Love!

Evan & Samantha

P.S. I just want to give a huge shout out to Samantha for not only volunteering her equipment and help shooting this event, but for doing such a great job editing the photos and video so quickly, despite her packed workload from other events. It means so much that you’d help support me pal and I love you so much!

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