Justin + Dylan Engagement | Settler's Cabin and Wingfield Pines

So, before I tell you about Dylan and Justin, I'm gonna throw myself under the bus for a few embarrassing moments...

Dylan and I met in 9th grade and after years of running cross country together, slip-n-slide summer days and prom hair that I would rather not revisit (see below), she became a very dear friend. Our lives have taken us to opposite coasts of the US over the years but whenever we get the chance to reconnect, we pick up where we left off.

One day I was scrolling through Insta when I saw Dylan post a cute picture of her with her man with a caption - something about ducks then CASUALLY the second sentence said "The moon was a half and it reflected off the water, I asked my boyfriend to marry me and he said yes."

I freaked out but deep down wasn't surprised! Dylan has never been over the top, diamonds and lace, and frills and fluff. She has always cared about people for their character and lived in moments to make a memory. The string ring she proposed with and the self-timer iPhone photo of her and Justin after she popped the question were beautiful! In the photo, I saw the same smile that came out when Dylan was truly her happiest. The same smile I've gotten to see over the years since we first met 10 years ago. I couldn't be more happy for this dear friend.

Dylan suggested we get a picture of her picking Justin up, because she loves to see how long she can hold him!

Thank you Dylan and Justin for coming all the way from Washington to spend your engagement session with us! Also, a HUGE shoutout to Dylan's mom, Sheri for keeping the car nice and cool for Dylan and Justin on this unusually warm September day! We cannot wait for the wedding, to reunite with the rest of the Kubina fam, and to meet the Wisdorfs!

Love, Catherine

Thanks for taking our group picture, Sheri!!

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