Maria + Gabriel Engagement | Richmond, VA

This summer, our work has given us the opportunity to travel a bunch, but our favorite locations are the ones that allow us to see family. That's why this engagement session is one of our favorites!

Meet our beautiful cousin, Maria and her amazing fiancé, Gabriel! These two met in a young professional group in Florence, South Carolina. After dating for a while, Maria began bringing Gabriel around to our family graduations, 4th of July bonfires, and Thanksgiving celebrations. I remember the car ride home with Catherine and Evan, after we first met Gabriel at a graduation party. We talked about what an amazing guy Gabriel seemed to be and how happy he made Maria!

Once they were engaged, we immediately began to plan their engagement session!

After exchanging dates for a few days, and rescheduling, we found a date! It was 5 months away, and required travel, but we made it work! Even better, we used it as an excuse to see my brother, Joe and his family in Richmond, Virginia. HUGE thank you to Joe and Em for hosting us all this weekend! You guys are the best!!

I'll save all our pictures with the babies for another time. For now, enjoy this beautiful couple and their engagement session at the Virginia State Capitol Building and on Madison Avenue!

These two look like they could own the capitol.

The picture was taken right after we told Maria (who is learning Spanish) to whisper something in Spanish to Gabriel (a native speaker). Her word of choice, "El Baño". Hahahaha!

After a wonderful session full of fun carpools, changing in the car with our reflector blockade, and exchanging earrings with Maria, a kind man on Madison Ave. gave us flowers! As if that weren't the best ending to a session, we went out to dinner and ended our evening the best way possible, with family and lots of pasta! Congratulations to Maria and Gabriel!! We can't wait to celebrate with you and the family in Mexico in a few months!!

Welcome to the family, Gabriel! LOVE!



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