Anthony + Becca Engagement AND Behind the Scenes Video | Grand Central Station and Central Park

I was a sophomore at Penn State when I began getting serious about portrait photography. When I began couples photography, I remember trying to take trips to Baltimore just so that I could practice posing couples with my brother, Anthony and his girlfriend, Becca. But that never happened.

I instead used my cousins.

It worked just as well.

Eventually we got to working with actual couples and about 3 years later, Anthony and Becca got engaged! We finally got to take our trip to photograph them, this time in their new home, NYC. About a week ago, we got to visit them again for the same reason, but this time for their official engagement session!

We talked with Becca extensively about what places meant a lot to them, where they liked to visit, what they liked to do in the city, etc. We coined in on two places, Grand Central Station and Central Park. They liked the look of Grand Central, and they are constantly spending time in Central Park. Knowing how crowded those places were, especially on weekends, we planned a sunrise session. Check out the photos from their session below, and the behind the scenes of the whole session at the bottom of the blog!

We began at Grand Central Station because the early morning crowd there would arrive sooner than the crowd at Central Park.

By about 8 AM we were off to Central Park, the Bethesda Terrace, specifically. This picture and archways were especially important to Becca. Growing up nearby, she had always dreamt of her picture with a boy under the archways of the Bethesda Terrace.

After the Terrace, we strolled through the Mall at Central Park. Huge shoutout to Catherine who was carrying all the gear, the behind the scenes gear, the outfits, purses and water bottles!

How can we NOT have fun with these two?!

I think Anthony was pretty impressed with Becca's commitment to the "Drunk Walk"

After we "finished" Anthony decided to change into his breathable Short Steve Button Down for the walk home.

I guess I should have let him know that I use the word "done" loosely... Catherine and I knew that we would only be done when our cameras were put away in the apartment!

After he realized that we were not going to stop snapping... he changed back into his long sleeve button down. But I must say the Short Steve button down worked well with these adventuring photos!

While walking home, we heard a saxophone coming from under the bridge. Although it is not "our style" we felt like putting our creativity to work. We told Anthony and Becca to dance!

Eventually, we made our way back to their place, but not without getting them with the NYC taxis!

I promise this was ACTUALLY when we stopped.

This NYC engagement session was full of crowds, traffic, different light sources, and many modes of transportation. It was also full of dancing, laughter, creativity and joy. Thank you Anthony and Becca for letting us express and experience all of that with you, and for an amazing weekend in the city! We miss you already and hope you enjoy your photos!

Thank you to Catherine for shooting out Behind the scenes and shlepping all of our stuff across the city with us! ENJOY!




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