Sean + Nikki | Le Méridien and The Blackwell Inn

Thanksgiving is one of two times a year that our mom’s siblings, their spouses, and children come together! With a minimum of 50 people place settings around the dinner table, it also ends up being the “baptism by fire” “sink or swim” “first time meeting the family” for significant others! A few years ago, Nikki swam! Within the first hour of her coming in our grandmother’s house of organized chaos, she was talking to the younger cousins about unicorn fashion, adulting with the older cousins, and getting to know the aunts and uncles – mind you, Sean, our cousin, was catching up with family elsewhere. When Sean proposed we lovingly reminded him that she was way out of his league, and we couldn’t be happier for such a wonderful couple!

Leading up to the wedding we had the privilege of meeting Nikki’s family at Sean and Nikki’s home in Columbus and I’ve gotta say, this is how the week leading up to the wedding should be! The Bagga family welcomed us with big hugs, joyous conversation, and even homemade Chai! Even though we had just met, we felt at home! The West and Bagga families spending a few hours together in the days leading up to the wedding wasn’t just a great way to meet each other, it was an affirmation of how perfectly paired Sean and Nikki are together.

Leading up to Sean and Nikki’s Hindu Wedding Ceremony we were full of lots of excitement and LOTS of questions! We wanted to capture the day perfectly, but we had a lot to learn! It was so amazing that every detail, step, color, etc. represented something that would contribute to their success and happiness as a couple for the rest of their lives.

SANGEET- Friday, May 24 | Le Méridien

The wedding weekend began on Friday at Le Méridien with the Sangeet! The Sangeet is a pre-wedding celebration where the families meet and enjoy a night of eating, henna, dancing, performances, and merrymaking! Sean's cousin (our sister), Nikki's sister, and Nikki's niece performed dances on the night of the Sangeet!

The henna artists from Henna Fashions were amazing!! We had them drawing everything, from avocados, to sports mascots, to even our favorite muppet characters.

Le Méridien planner, Sherri Brock and her food and beverage team worked with Nikki and Sean to create a menu that was a fusion of Indian and American cuisine.

After meeting, mingling, and sharing dinner, Sean and Nikki's parents welcomed us to the Sangeet, and the performances began!

Dhiya, Nikki's niece, performed a Bollywood styled dance. Next, Maria, Sean's cousin, performed a contemporary piece. The performances ended with Dhiya dancing with her mom, Nikki's sister, Nidhi. They performed an Indian classical / fusion style dance.

Once the performances concluded, DJs Samir and Raj from Crown Entertainment kept the hits rolling and opened the floor up for dancing!

The Sangeet was an amazing way for the families to meet and celebrate before the wedding day!

WEDDING DAY - Saturday, May 25 | The Blackwell Inn


This is the Groom, Sean's entrance! It was a parade for Sean and his family. At the end, Nikki's family welcomed Sean and his family!

I wish I had video of this moment because Sean wasn’t just riding a massive white horse, he was all out dancing and CAT DADDYing on his way to meet Nikki’s family!

Meanwhile, Nikki and all of her bridesmaids watched the Baraat from the 7th floor of the Blackwell.

Nikki’s mother, Sunita performed the welcome ritual before leading Sean to the Mandap.


Sean, his parents, and Nikki’s parents spent time in the Mandap presenting offerings to Lord Ganesh in prayer that he may remove all obstacles in their marriage.


A beautiful and exchange of flower garlands with a beautiful symbolism, to show acceptance for one another and a pledge of respect for each other as partners in life.


The Priest, Ramesh, tied sacred thread around Sean and Nikki’s hands to symbolize their linked fates as partners and Nikki is considered part of Sean’s household at this moment.


Before circling the holy fire four times in symbolism of the four basic human goals, Sean’s sister Maria tied together their wedding scarves.

The four basic human goals are:

Dharma - Ethics

Artha -Wealth and prosperity

Karma - Love, fertility, and family

Moksha - Spiritual liberation and salvation


The seven steps Sean and Nikki took represented vows and promises they made to each other.

  1. The first step is to provide a nourishing and pure diet for our household and avoid the things which are harmful to our healthy living.

  2. The second step is to develop physical, mental, and spiritual strength.

  3. The third step is with the aim of conservation and proper use of wealth.

  4. The fourth step is to acquire knowledge, happiness, and harmony by mutual love and trust.

  5. The fifth step is to be blessed with virtuous children

  6. The sixth step is to accomplish restraint and longevity.

  7. The seventh step is with the vow that we shall always be true to each other, work together and for prosperity and happiness and remain lifelong partners.