Junaid + Mahum Feature Film | Toftrees Resort and Conference Center

On Saturday, March 22nd, 2019, we began our drive from Pittsburgh to State College in the pouring rain. Once we arrived at Toftrees Resort and Conference Center, the wind was brisk, but the sun was shining through the pines and bare trees.

Evan and I quickly unloaded the car and were lead to the bridal suite. Upon walking in, I was floored by how beautiful Mahum looked! Never in person, had I seen a bride in such vibrant attire with so many stunning details on her hands, feet, and on her whole outfit.

These are still frames from the video, but to see better stills of these amazing details and beautiful couple, check out, Jana Scott Photography!

Soon after Mahum warmly welcomed us, family members from both her and Junaid's, her husband-to-be, side filled the room. Throughout the day, they would be alongside the two of them, making sure every part of their engagement ceremony went smoothly. Since this was a first Nikkah celebration for both us and Jana, they also helped keep us informed of all the happenings, details, and traditions during the day as well.

Once everyone was ready, the ceremony began. For those of you who, like me, are a little unfamiliar with the Nikkah ceremony, Mahum's brother, Haider, explained it as "an islamic term for a marriage contract." He continued to explain, "It's kind of like, in between an engagement and a full-on wedding ceremony."

The first ceremony was lead by an Imam, a worship leader in the Muslim community. He took Mahum and Junaid through the steps of signing and getting their marriage contract signed in front of their guests as their witnesses. After the Imam gave his sermon, Mahum's father offered his daughter to Junaid to accept as his wife! The day continued and was full of prayer, traditions, and later, a marriage banquet.

Both the Nikkah and banquet were held at Toftrees in their main dining room. It was decorated in bright flowers, vibrant lights, and gold and white place settings. The room was filled the sound of lively music, toasts and a prayer before a buffet dinner. During their couple's session, we had sun, snow, and a lot of wind. I'm sure you'll see it all in the video! Check out this beautiful day, and enjoy their feature film below!

Although we had to leave before the dancing was underway, I'm guessing the dance floor was as electric and joyful as the rest of the day! We were so honored to spend the day with Mahum, Junaid, and their families. We feel so grateful to have experienced our first Nikkah alongside them. They have such kind hearts, and we loved seeing the joy and laughter that they bring one another. Thank you again, Mahum and Junaid for giving us the opportunity to celebrate this love!

Thank you also to the amazing vendors that we got to work with that contributed to making this experience so wonderful!

Photography | Jana and Sam of Jana Scott Photography

Entertainment | Eric of Nittany Entertainment

Venue | Katie and the staff at Toftrees Resort and Conference Center

Videography | Samantha Malizia Films

CONGRATULATIONS, Mr. and Mrs. Junaid and Mahum Riaz! You can read more about their love story and how they met in their Highlight Film Blog!

Love, Samantha

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