Junaid + Mahum Highlight | Toftrees Resort and Conference Center

I heard about Mahum and Junaid through Mahum's cousin, Mina. Mina reached out to me and told me that she was helping her cousin plan her engagement ceremony. Not only are Mahum and Junaid medical students and extremely busy with their studies. but they were also planning a ceremony in a matter of weeks! All hands were on deck, and these families did an amazing job planning this together!

A week before the ceremony, I had the chance to talk with Mahum, and she was kind enough to share how she and Junaid met. It was during her second year of medical school in South Carolina. Mahum was stressing over her upcoming boards, while Junaid was in his third year, doing rotations. She told me that she was "too stressed to talk to anyone" and decided to study in the library. BUT this wouldn't be a love story if everything went according to plan... While busy studying, Junaid approached her. They ended up talking for two hours in the library! Junaid left after giving her his number and telling her to text him if she ever needed help.

They began texting and eventually had the opportunity to meet up again, this time at the movies with friends! What they didn't know was that all of their friends would flake out last minute, allowing just the two of them to hang out. When the movie was sold out, this group movie hangout became Mahum and Junaid getting ice cream and talking at a Greenville park until midnight.

This February, after three years of seeing each other, Junaid and Mahum's families met on a trip to State College. On the night of the families meeting and Junaid getting Mahum's parents' blessing, Junaid proposed to Mahum. This was all on her birthday! One month later, their Nikkah, a Muslim engagement ceremony, was had!

Their March celebration was a typical early Spring day in State College. Our drive to Toftree's Resort consisted of sun, rain, sun, and snow. Upon our arrival, there were snow flurries and wind rustling the pine trees and bare branches of the golf course. While inside, Mahum's mother and the staff at Toftrees arranged bright florals and bright decorations in the ceremonial room. When it was time for portraits, Mahum and Junaid toughed out the harsh winds and hail. Take a look, and I'm sure you'll see it in their Highlight!

Mahum and Junaid, we loved having the opportunity to celebrate with you and your families. This was our first ever Muslim ceremony and it blew us away! I cannot wait to share more about it in the blog of your feature film. I don't know how you and your families pulled this stunning celebration together so fast, but it was truly and honor to experience it alongside you. I cannot say enough great things about the kindness and joy that was shared by your families and loved ones on this day. We are all so happy for you two!

Finally, thank you to the whole Riaz and Inam family for all of your help throughout the day, and for making sure everything was running smoothly. You did an amazing job! Thank you also to the amazing vendors that we got to work with that contributed to making this experience so wonderful!

Photography | Jana and Sam of Jana Scott Photography,

Entertainment | Eric of Nittany Entertainment,

Venue | Katie and the staff at Toftrees Resort and Conference Center.

Videography | Samantha Malizia Films

We hope you enjoy your wedding day Highlight, and cannot wait to share your feature film later! LOVE!


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