Dear Harper Grace

Thank you, Katelyn James for capturing the photos (AND operation room videos) on this amazing day!!

Dear Harper Grace,

I cannot believe you have been in this world for over a month! I remember the day we heard about you. I remember praying for you and your mom to be healthy throughout the process and for a safe delivery come January.

January sure got here fast! Before we knew it, it was the third week of January, a few days before your due date! "Winter Storm Harper", ironically, was sweeping the Northeast! No matter the weather, your family was determined to be at your birth. Your Uncle Anthony and Aunt Becca came in from New York. Your Great-Grandma, Mets, Babbo and Rinnie came in from State College. I drove in from Pittsburgh. Uncle Corey and MoMo drove in from Virginia Beach. We all met Mimi, Granddaddy, KK and Michael and Evy at the hospital. Almost everyone was there, and if they weren't, they were constantly asking for updates on you (your Aunt Mets was taking grad school classes and just started a new job, while Aunt Maria was halfway through her teaching assignment in Italy).

Once you, your Momma, and Daddy left the house for the hospital, we hung out with Micah. Before heading to the hospital, we sang songs from The Lion King, played roller coaster, ate blue berries and pancakes, and got Chick-Fil-A. Once at the hospital, we eagerly waited in the lobby for your Daddy and Aunt KK. They would tell us when we could go back to meet you!

In your video, you will see SO many people that love, and have loved you from the moment they heard about you. I would take this opportunity to tell you about your infectious smile, the way you make me laugh so hard that I cry, and how much you are loved, but today, I am going to let your Momma and Daddy share some of their thoughts from the day God blessed us with you. I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH HARPER GRACE! Enjoy your video!

And for those of you wondering "How did Micah, and his cousin, Evy do meeting their sister and cousin for the first time", this video is for you!

Katelyn also took Harper's new born pictures!! THIS is my favorite! I can't get enough of that stare!

Can't wait to see you and your family soon, Harper!! Love you, Baby Waffle!


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