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Dan + Alyssa's Surprise Proposal | Penn State's Old Main

About a month ago, Dan emailed me sharing the exciting news that he was planning on proposing to his long-time girlfriend, Alyssa. He asked us to photograph the special moment and later decided on doing a small video as well!

As the day got closer, everyone got more and more excited. Like a lot of proposals, we went about it the best way we knew, phone calls on work commutes, emails to Dan's work email address, text message previews off, changing our contact info, etc. Luckily for us, Dan's plan was already in the works, and we had the game plan down quickly.



Alyssa and Dan would be coming into State College from Cleveland to meet up with Alyssa's family for the Penn State versus Iowa football game. Alyssa's family would get into town a little earlier than Dan and Alyssa. Upon getting into town, Dan and Alyssa would ask where to meet and Alyssa's mom, Kelly, would suggest meeting at Old Main. After getting to Old Main, Alyssa's sister, Lexi and her friend would ask for a picture of the two of them before suggesting Dan and Alyssa get a picture together.


After meeting up with Alyssa's family, they would also get their picture taken in front of Old Main. After the picture was taken Dan would turn to Alyssa, get on one knee, and ask a big question.


For the first time, I was happy about a weekend full of rain! For us, this would hopefully mean that Old Main and downtown State College would be less crowded than usual. We were right! Alyssa's family and the SMF crew were the only people in front of Old Main. We met up with her family, dispersed to our hiding spots, and waited!


Dan, thank you so so much for asking us to cover this special moment for the two of you, and for keeping us updated on all the plans. Thank you to Alyssa's mom, Kelly, for keeping us posted on the family's travel plans, arrival times, and for bringing all the celebratory props! We cannot express how grateful we are to have been given the opportunity to celebrate this big moment between two wonderful people!

Congratulations to Dan and Alyssa! LOVE!

Samantha, Catherine, and Evan

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