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Jimmy + Alanna's Surprise Proposal on Mount Washington

It was Penn State's homecoming when Catherine met up with her friend Jimmy at one of the local bars. As they caught up, Jimmy shared his exciting news that he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Alanna (WHOOP WHOOP!) As he told her about his Mt. Washington plans he paused and said OH MY GOSH YOU NEED TO PHOTOGRAPH THIS!

Later the following week, Jimmy reached out to me asking about covering it! We began exchanging emails, scheduling phone calls, scoping out the area, and doing all we could during his work breaks and time away from Alanna. Every phone call began with an excited "I'M GETTING ENGAGED!" and emails ended with "I CAN'T WAIT!" We were so honored to be a part of this and are so happy for Jimmy and Alanna! Check out more of their day and the planing that went into it!



A few weeks from the Saturday of the proposal, Jimmy had Alanna's cousin "plan a trip" to visit Pittsburgh for a weekend of sightseeing. They would ride the Monongahela Incline up to Mount Washington, check out the views, and stay there for dinner. A day before their city exploration, Alanna's cousin would cancel her trip, but Jimmy would insist on keeping the "reservations" and previously made plans.


Jimmy informed both his and Alanna's family of his plans and where he would pop the question. Conveniently, there was a rental property with a balcony overlooking the exact spot Jimmy would propose! Alanna's family was all over it! The day of the proposal, their families all gathered in the house, decorating it and then waiting for the two to come walking over from the incline.


Catherine and I would station ourselves at the Grandview Outlook. Since Alanna knew Catherine, Catherine would be stationed farther away from the two, and be in charge of Alanna's reaction shots. She would stand on the side walk, behind a trashcan, "taking pictures" of the Pittsburgh skyline (aka hiding her face with her hat, hair and camera) while they came walking from the other side of the spot. I would be walking towards the outlook, stopping to read the historical plaque as Jimmy and Alanna approached the spot. Both of us would be bundled up in layers and winter hats.

Evan was in charge of hooking Jimmy up to a mic at the bottom of the incline, riding up and beating the two to the spot. Getting a mic on Jimmy required Jimmy taking a "bathroom break" at the bottom entrance of the incline. Here was the catch, the incline had NO BATHROOMS. So, we made bathrooms (with the help of the wonderful incline worker, Mario, who helped us the day before the proposal).

After putting up this homemade "MEN. Women at top. sorry" sign, Evan waited in the elevator alcove for Jimmy.

PS. For those wondering, he didn't have to turn any men away from the "bathroom", but did have to turn away two women looking for the ladies restroom.


Saturday was here. We stationed ourselves. The families were in the rental house. IT POURED.

Luckily for the three of them, the rain stopped and the incline was back in business! Catherine and I got the warning from Evan, and Jimmy and Alanna were walking to the outlook. Catherine kindly cleared the other visitors away from the spot, while I warned the families to be on the lookout. As they came into sight, we held our breaths, covered our faces, and trying to look like a tourist, I took this selfie #TotallyNotNervousAndStuff

They were in position, and BOOM! IT WAS GO TIME!