Joe + Cassie Highlight | Downtown State College and Mountain View Country Club

I was lucky enough to know Cassie in high school, where our paths crossed in our freshman year gym class. I continued to stay connected with her via social media over the years and was SO happy for her when I saw her engagement video that not only filled me with joy, but also made me laugh (more on that later). These are two wonderful people and we are SO grateful to have been a part of their big day! I want to start by thanking these two amazing humans. Cassie and Joe are not only incredibly caring, but also passionate about the work they do. Thank you both for serving others selflessly, Cassie, as a paramedic and Joe, as a pilot in the United States Air Force. We cannot thank you enough for your service, sacrifice and commitment to helping others everyday.

In the months leading up to their wedding, Cassie shared with me the story of how she and Joe met. They first met as co-workers at Penn State EMS. Joe was a junior and Cassie was a freshman at Penn State. They shared a lot of the same interests and a lot of the same friends, so they were around each other a lot over the next two years. At the time, Cassie and Joe were both in different relationships, and never pursued being anything more than friends - until a spring day at the beginning of April of 2016. They had both recently gotten out of their previous relationships and were looking forward to having a relaxing evening in downtown State College with several of their mutual friends, Joe asked Cassie if she'd be interested in grabbing some drinks at Cafe 210 West. As it goes, the rest was history.

"From that moment on I think we both realized what had been right in front of us all along. We 'clicked' instantly and from that moment on we rarely spent a moment apart. Our friends told us later on that they always knew we would be a perfect match for each other - and we had finally found the perfect timing." Cassie shared.

In September of 2017, after Cassie graduated from Penn State, she made plans to move down to Enterprise, Alabama with Joe while he finished pilot training at Fort Rucker. Before the move, Joe flew home for one last weekend with their families and a Penn State home football game. Their plans to tailgate got rained out, so they invited everyone to Cassie's parent's house for the game. Tina, Cassie's mother sent the two out for a few last minute errands. While out, they stopped for breakfast at the Naked Egg Cafe. Cassie thought something was wrong when Joe wasn't talking much and kept leaving to use the restroom. After breakfast, they took a drive up to a scenic overlook at the top of Pine Grove Mountain, a spot they'd visit in the beginning of their relationship. Although Cassie was anxious to get to the store and back home in time for the game, she begrudgingly agreed to take picture at the top of the vista. Like most women trying to get stuff done, you'll see Cassie didn't have time for pictures or to answer questions (at first). If you're friends with Joe, I highly recommend rewatching this proposal video! After Cassie was done groaning about having to take a picture, they backed up to smile...

"When we got out of the car he said it was 11:11 and asked what I wished for - I first responded, 'I wish we were at Wegmans'. Joe of course was not pleased with that answer so he rolled his eyes and said, 'What do you really wish for?' and to that I responded, 'I wish I could spend the rest of my life with you'. And to that answer he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My answer was obvious, because I couldn't wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. That afternoon we got to celebrate with all of our friends and family before we set off on our own journey to Alabama."

Hearing of their history and fond memories they share at Penn State, State College was the perfect place for their wedding. The rain held off, and the sun beamed down on this Sunday before Labor Day. After everyone was ready, the two met up at Penn State's Hintz Family Alumni Center for their first look, and wedding party pictures at Old Main. After a beautiful ceremony at St. Paul's United Methodist Church, everyone came together at Mountain View Country Club. Unfortunately, a car crash miles away from the venue left Mountain View without power, but that didn't stop this crowd from celebrating. Their amazing photographer, Jana Scott, the people of Mountain View and their guests' pulled together their best connections/resources and together, and the celebration went on! We cannot wait to share more of their beautiful Air Force themed wedding with you later, but for now, please enjoy their highlight film!

Thank you to the wonderful Wedding Team!

Ceremony | Saint Paul’s United Methodist

Officiant | Greg Milinovich

Reception Venue + Catering | Mountain View Country Club

Photography | Jana Scott Photography

Florist | Emily Rickard of Pocket Full of Posies

Hair + Makeup | Looks Hair Design

Cake | Delectable Delights

Entertainment | Nittany Entertainment

Joe and Cassie, we loved being a part of your wedding day team! We loved seeing the love you have for each other and the joy you bring into each other's lives. Thanks for sharing your your families, friends, memories, and dance floor with us. We hope you enjoy your highlight video and look forward to sharing your feature film later!!



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