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Sam + Steph | Bell Mountain Estates

They found love in the State College Target. As Steph recalled, "Sam was the tall and cute cart boy". and as Sam remembered, "Steph was the cute, blonde and friendly cashier that was friendly and outgoing, that I always enjoyed talking to". In the fall of 2009, Sam and Steph officially began dating.

Steph shared their engagement story with us.

"I was on clinical rotation's in Kentucky and Sam was planning to visit and explore Kentucky with me. We planed to visit the bourbon trail, the Kentucky Derby, Mammoth Caves and Louisville. When we went to Louisville, Sam took me to a nice dinner and then wanted to go for a walk on the bridge that connects Kentucky to Indiana. At night, it lights up and is really pretty. So we went for a walk, and when we got there he pulled out a book like package that was wrapped. When I asked him what that was, he told me "a book to help you finish pa school". As we walked, we enjoyed the views, but Sam wanted to walk down below the bridge where a platform hangs over the water. We went there, he handed me the blue package and I opened it . It was a hand carved leather photo album that he worked on for over a year. When I got to the end of the pictures of us he said I think we will have the rest of our lives to fill the album. He got down and asked me to marry him."

When Catherine and I heard about their engagement, we were SO excited for them! When Steph asked us to be their photographer, we REALLY got excited. Steph, Catherine, my oldest sister, Maria and I were all involved in a club at Penn State called Project Haiti. Catherine and Maria went on several trips to Haiti with Steph, served on executive board with her, and were all a part of the "PHam" (as we call members of the PH family). Upon starting college at Penn State, I also got involved with PH, and although she had graduated, Steph continued to show support attending/ making desserts for our many fundraisers (PS she and her Mom, Joy make AMAZING cupcakes). Knowing Steph for many years, I have always appreciated her smile, laugh, and outgoing personality. She has a huge heart and contagious joy. Although I had never met Sam, my siblings and parents raved about him! "He is just an absolute GEM", my mom would often tell me in the weeks leading up to their wedding. And like moms are, she was very right! Upon our arrival at Bell Mountain, Sam welcomed us with hugs and repeatedly asked if we needed hep with anything... on HIS wedding day! And although we could have gone around a muddy field for portraits, Sam offered to give Steph a piggy back ride across it to save us time and to keep her dress clean! SO chivalrous!

The best part of this day was seeing Sam and Steph together. The pure joy they bring each other is so beautiful, that you can't help but to smile (and maybe get goose bumps... at least for me). They have been together since 2009, and on their wedding day, it seemed like they had been waiting their whole lives for this moment. Not because of the dress, the venue, the decorations or the food, but because of the person they FINALLY get to spend forever with. They were so excited! Sam and Steph had told me that no matter where they go, whatever adventure they take, there will always be laughing, a good time and a genuine love for being with each other. I believe it and am so happy that they can continue this adventure together. I felt SO blessed to experience their beautiful ceremony and amazing wedding day.