Photo Session with Fuquay Eye Care

Last week, we loaded up the car and headed down to North Carolina on an official SMF ROADTRIP!! We headed down to see our favorite optometrists at Fuquay Eye Care, located just outside of Raleigh NC. The busy weekend included a full slate of photography, from updating employee headshots, working commercial detail for advertisements, and ending with the best graduation party imaginable!

To show off the killer glasses and options available, Fuquay Eye turned to the best models anyone could ask for, their own employees! No one better to pick out the best glasses and frames than those who are trained to sell and fit the product! AND they looked GORGEOUS in doing so; showing that with the right eye wear everyone can be a stone cold stunna (after getting your vision check of course)! PLUS we got to sneak in some photos of Doctors and Fuquay Eye Care owners, Pat and Angie and featured their four kids as the last addition to our modeling crew.

In the parking lot of the office, we used the back of the buildings and the small trees in the parking lot as our backdrops. Shout-out to the Fuquay Eye Care staff and the O'Dowd Family for killin' their session in the North Carolina heat!

We had so much fun focusing on different elements of this shoot and working with a family-owned business!!

Make a spectacle of yourself with Fuquay Eye Care!


Samantha, Catherine + Evan

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