Madison + Kyle | Lake Raystown Resort

While they can't remember too many details about the first time they saw each other, Kyle and Madison have spent years creating a love story filled with playful moments and fun memories. Mutual friends in marching band introduced Madison and Kyle. What started as spending time together with a group of friends, turned into a first date, multiple proms, and many high adventures. As they began separate journeys following graduation, Madison at Penn State to earn her Bachelors degree, and Kyle at Center for Emergency Medicine, studying EMS and Paramedic, they continued their journey together. Between class and her extracurriculars, Madison prioritized date nights and time spent with with Kyle. Between serving as a flight paramedic and EMT, Kyle was always thinking of Madison through small gestures, like saving her the last brownie, or surprising her with a gift that she'd never get for herself.

After her graduation, Madison and Kyle planned a trip to Ireland! After hiking through fields of sheep to the top of a hill, they made it to a historic tower, overlooking the town. That was where Kyle popped the question! The trip reflected the adventurous relationship they started in high school, and the proposal was a promise to continue the adventures of life together forever.

When Madison and Kyle told me about their plans to get married in Raystown Lake's beautiful outdoor venue, and have a reception of games, campfires, S'MORES, and FIREWORKS (I was a little excited) I thought how perfect that sounded for them! What a fun, memorable day of friends and family to reflect the fun, adventurous couple they are. The day was full of wonderful people, zero stress, and even a visit from a salamander who snuck around the aisle during the ceremony!

Thank you Kyle and Madison for sharing a love that comes so easy to the two of you. I admire your easygoing attitudes, delightful sarcasm, and the joy you share with each other as well as your amazing wedding party! Thank you for venturing into the rain, sprinting to the firework hill, and sharing your s'mores with me and Evan (but mostly me lol).