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Playdate with a Camera

Back in September, we were contacted by one of our favorite high school teachers, asking to schedule a mother/son session! Catherine and I were PUMPED! The last time either of us got to see Magistra Schreiber, ("Schreibs" for short) was 5-6 years ago, and we never got to meet her son, who she had back when she was teaching us! We were super eager to catch up with her and finally meet her son, Aaron! However, between wedding season, braces, winter and Oregon, our session was pushed back until this past Monday.

Luckily for us, the rain held off and the tulips were in full bloom at Penn State's Arboretum. This setting and the nice weather matched their spring outfits perfectly! Their boat shoes and scandals were perfect for springtime portraits, but also totally optional! Who wants to wear shoes when climbing rocks and playing in water anyway?!

The best way I can describe this session is by calling it a playdate with a camera! Schreibs brought Aaron and his red panda, Cozy, and I brought my second shooters/ best friends, Evan and Catherine. At the end of the session, our backs were grass-stained, mouths were dry and hearts were full. Although we had a hard time leaving from playing catch with Aaron, we were excited to come home to look through their photos! The joy they bring each other is evident in each photo, and we were SO lucky to experience it from behind the camera. Love these two, and seriously hope that Aaron's request to do this again, comes true!

Thank you for giving us such a joyful beginning to our week!



PS. Big thanks to Aaron for letting us all get pictures with Cozy the red panda!!

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