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Kayla, Amanda, Lisa, Lo and Melissa

I met Kayla during my junior year at Penn State. We met through our boyfriends, Evan and Chance, who were roommates at the time. I remember thinking how super friendly and sweet she was. Honestly, such a gem! After she texted me about taking senior pictures of her and 4 of her friends, I got super excited! "I bet they're a crazy, fun group" I remember thinking. Unsurprisingly, these girls totally were!

Maybe it was just the fact that they got to all be together and enjoy this celebratory time, or the fact that the rain stopped RIGHT before we started our session, but Kayla, Amanda, Lo, Melissa and Lisa, got there with big smiles on their faces, excited and ready to roll! It was so wonderful feeding off of their joy and energy throughout the entire session. For real, I don't think I have smiled, laughed, squeaked (if you've worked with me you know what that is) so much while behind the camera. Not only that, but I also think that it's impossible for any of them to look bad in a single picture.

I cannot explain how wonderful of a time I had in the short hour I got to spend with these ladies, but I am so thankful that I had to opportunity to. Congratulations to you all and thank you for letting me take your graduation pictures! It's because of people like yourselves (as well as my second shooters and Chance, who could carry all of the caps and gowns) that make my job so enjoyable. Check out some of my favorites from their session!



Congratulations Kayla, Melissa, Lo, Amanda, and Lisa!! Thank you for such a fun session! I cannot wait to see where life after Penn State leads you!

Congratulations my loves and to the Class of 2018!

Forever true to you, dear old white and blue!



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