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Charlie's Senior Session

Congratulations Charles!! Where do I even start?! I don’t remember how we first met, but as Evan put it, we went from zero to one hundred real quick. One day, we were hanging out with a group of people around the fire pit, and the next day I was greeting you on Pollock Road with a “credit card”. Since your freshman year, I have gotten the privilege to watch you grow, serve your local and the Penn State community, find your way around Tussey Mountain, and learn how to pronounce “fire”. Not only that, but I have been lucky enough to get to know the Charlie that everyone loves so much, the friendly six-eighter that welcomes everyone with open arms and a warm smile. If you’ve ever met Charlie’s family, you see where he got such wonderful attributes.

That being said, before I share Charlie’s pictures, I owe another HUGE thank you to the Shuman clan. First, thank you for raising such wonderful and caring kids. Second, thank you for supporting Charlie’s decision to attend and play football at Penn State. I can’t imagine football Saturdays without you all, and the Shu-V tailgates (the greatest tailgate in the RV lot). Thank you to the whole Shuman family for being a second family to all of us! We hope you enjoy his pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!

I did two shoots with Charlie. On Tuesday, I photographed him with our friends Aaron and Evan. Also, I wasn't above using self-timer, because I also wanted a few with them :) On Thursday, I photographed him and his wonderful girlfriend, Haleigh.


Congratulations Charles!! Good luck next fall, in your Management and Organizational Leadership program! Penn State is lucky to have you around for one more year! Love you dearly!

Congratulations Charlie and the Class of 2018!

Can't wait for DelGrosso's on Labor Day Weekend!



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