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Aaron's Senior Session


You did it! I can't believe you are a week from graduation! This happened all too quickly for me. It seems like just yesterday that we were working on our Rube Goldberg project together in high school. I'm so glad that I could force my friendship upon you then and still today!

For those of you who don't know Aaron, here is the best way I can sum him up. In high school, he earned the nickname, "Trusty Aaron" from my girlfriends. Mainly because we could always count on Aaron to give us a "like" on Instagram. Our senior year of high school, while Aaron was recovering from his third ACL surgery, he agreed to be the last player we needed to complete our intramural basketball team (don't worry, I yelled at him not to run every time he got the ball #goodfriend). After our freshman year at Penn State, he agreed to come to Ocean City with us... 8 hours before we left. He was my friend's go to formal date, my go to commons-dinner date, and my boyfriend's roommate for a fifth year at Penn State.

Aaron has earned the "Trusty Aaron" title. He is the friend that is there whenever you need a friend. He is the friend that you can trust to host the best Super Bowl parties (shoutout to Tina's AMAZING wings), and make the best lasagna for the national championship basketball game. He is the friend that will have you over for dinner or take you to Dairy Queen when you need a break from your school work or research. He is the friend that will go the game, and then wait with you for your pals to come off the field or out of the tunnel. He is the friend that you can mess with at any hour of the night, sitting on the kitchen floor, talking about nothing. AND he is still the friend that you can count on for that Instagram like.

Even if he did once refer to me as his "friend's girlfriend" (which is whatever and I'm totally, so, completely passed that... and stuff), I've been so lucky to have a pal like Aaron during our time in high school and college.

PLUS! We were even lucky enough to take his grad pictures this week! Check out some of my favorites!


Thanks for being a great friend, Aaron! I totally freaking love you, and am SO proud of you pal! Keep doing big things,

Congratulations Aaron and the Class of 2018!

Yellow Backpacks forever!