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Nick + Cate | State College, PA Wedding

Their relationship officially started in the summer of 2013, after their freshman and sophomore years of high school. They were on the top of the water slide at DelGrosso's Amusement Park when Nick got the courage to ask Cate to be his girlfriend. The two had bonded at Centre Elite Gymnastics, Cate's family-owned gym, where she and Nick trained and were camp counselors.

"Nick had like broke his ankle and I went over to him to ask how he was, and that was the first time we talked." Cate explained.

After 4 proms together, Nick and Cate decided to accept a love that would endure distance and sacrifice. Nick begin his career with the US Army and a year later, Cate would attend Penn State University. Many letters and calls were exchanged and will continue to during their time apart.

"So I deploy to Korea in February, I have a nine-month deployment, and we had kinda been tossing around the idea of you know, maybe we want to married. After my deployment training in California, right before Thanksgiving, I was like yeah, let's do this." Nick explained.

Nick and Cate's wedding and reception took place on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at State College's Hilton Garden Inn. It was 19 degrees outside, so we scoped out picture locations inside and even a few (God bless them) outside of the nearby Nittany Lion Inn.

Everything from the ceremony and toasts, to the center pieces was tastefully personal. The intimate celebration included both families, their four sets of grandparents and a close, family friend to officiate the ceremony.

"My favorite thing I love most about Cate is that she's always checking in on me. Whether it's little stuff, like making sure something gets done or just asking how I am. When I run myself into the ground, she reminds me I'm still human."

"He's been in my life for so long that it has felt like we've grown up together. I love that we have shaped each other. He's made me a better person and he's my best friend." We are so thankful to have been a part of their special day and celebrate the love they share. Fun fact, Nick was one of the first kids I babysat! I'm so proud to see the man he has become and the lovely, hardworking and caring wife he has found. Thank you Nick for your service and thank you all for the sacrifice you make everyday. Finally, thank you Nick and Cate for letting us help celebrate your wedding.

Congratulations to

Nick and Cate Bodner!!

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