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Happy Birthday Micah!!

Birthdays are great, right?! A day to celebrate your big 'ol D.O.B.! We recently had a birthday in the family, and I'm sure that by the title of this blog, you've guessed whose it was!!!!

The new favorite Malizia, Micah!! I hope you're ready to learn about MJ!!

My brother, Joe and sister-in-law, Em, were our neighbors in State College. We were lucky and saw them and their gooden-doodle, Shuba pretty often. One night, when we had our relatives over at the house, Joe and Em pulled me and my sister, Catherine into a quiet room. They had to tell us something. I wasn't even going to try holding back those tears! He would be the first grandchild in the Malizia clan!!

Their son, MY NEPHEW (it's still fun saying that) was born December 25, 2016 at the Mount Nittany Medical Center. He was a Christmas baby!

Dear Micah James Malizia,

You have brought us so many sweet memories, all filled with so much joy. I could go on and on about how much you have made our lives better, but instead, I'd like to use this blog post to thank you for a few things. Thank you for...

1. Making your Grandpa smile the brightest and truest smiles every time you're near him.

2. Letting me watch your Mets play with you, and see how great she must have been with us as babies.

3. Making your Dad change your diapers (because we all know that any time I watched a baby with him, his stomach was not strong enough to do that job).

4. Your entertaining "Good Morning Micah" videos (the reason our family group message started).

5. Being my subject for most of my video and photo projects this year.

LAST! Thank you for inviting us to your new home in Richmond, VA to celebrate your birthday. We loved spending the day with you, your family and your many friends! So many people filled your Aunt and Uncle's house for you on that day. I hope you remember seeing all of those people and how loved you are! Since that might be hard for you though, I made a little recap of your party!

Happy 1st Birthday MJ! We love you!!

P.S. Shoutout to your Parents, Aunt KK, and Uncle Michael for hosting us!



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