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Shawn + Lara Highlight | Downtown State College Wedding

Their story started at a car wash. Lara had been a customer there for about five years and Shawn was the GM.

“I’d usually be behind the cash register and we would have conversations from across the counter. I knew of her story, how she had gone through a recent divorce, and I was also going through a divorce about a year later. After I knew she was single, and I was single, I had asked her to a live nativity scene.” Shawn explained.

“He didn’t ask me to go, he just said something about knowing of a nearby one." Lara continued, "So I told Shawn, 'Oh that’s cool, someone was just asking me about a live nativity scene!' A friend of mine had asked if I had known anything about one and I didn’t. So I gave him my number so that I could get the info for my friend."

“But Lara ended up not coming. I went because I was hoping she’d be there, but she wasn’t.”

"I never knew he wanted to see me there.”

Luckily for Shawn and Lara, this was the beginning of something more than an “across the counter” friendship. The two became “texting buddies”, as Shawn explained, texting a little here and there. Not wanting to mix their kids into their friendship quite yet, they avoided phone calls. When they did decide to go on their first date, outside of State College seemed to be best move. The two wanted to make sure this was real before introducing each other to their kids.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, it was. Lara and Shawn began officially dating in June of 2015. When it came time to explain their committed relationship to their kids (Lara's 3 and Shawn's 2) and parents, Lara had to idea have a “Promise Day”. Promise day was in July of 2016. It was to promise each other’s parents and kids that Lara and Shawn were committed to this relationship, and were in it for the long haul.

On promise day, everyone gathered, taking turns to say whatever they were feeling. Shawn waited until the end, insisting he go last. Shawn’s turn had come. He shared what he wanted, but his time to talk ended with one big question for Lara.

“It was super sweet. The kids were all crying and excited. I wasn’t’ expecting it at all. We knew we would get engaged soon, but that wasn’t the plan for that day. “

This lifelong commitment was made to not only each other, but also to their kids, Parker, Hayden, Angelique, Keaton and little Shawn. It began at a car wash, continued on promise day and was celebrated this weekend.

The personal touches of the ceremony blew me away. It was a perfectly styled wedding day for the Kingshipp/ Carter family. Tear jerking vows were exchanged, and dances where shared between Lara, Shawn and their children. Lara's oldest, Parker even added a twist to Train's song Marry Me, singing, "If I ever have the nerve to say hello in this car wash, say you will..."

Enjoy this highlight film from their beautiful Saturday wedding in downtown State College!


Keep your eye out for the feature film of Shawn and Lara's wedding day these next few weeks!



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