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Outdoor Location Scouting, State College Edition

Anytime we make plans with people, the two vital questions we cover are "When and where?" It's no different with a photography or videography shoot! Here are some of my favorite locations in and around State College!

1. Penn State Campus: University Park, PA

Top Spots: Hintz Family Alumni Center, Old Main, Arboretum

2. Downtown Boalsburg: Boalsburg, PA

Top Spots: Drive and discover historic Boalsburg by driving down Main Street! Check out some of my favorite spots down Tennis Alley and Pine Street!

Nearby: Take advantage of the tall trees, light colored stone, glistening creek and tanks at PA Military Museum across North Atherton!

3. Spring Creek Park: State College, PA

Top Spots: Farm fields across Puddintown Rd, in the creek, on the bridges

4. Downtown Lemont: Lemont, PA

Top Spots: Railroad tracks, Alleyway beside Center for Well Being, Berry Street, Mt. Nittany Road, top of Whitehill Street

5. Private Properties

Yep. Sometimes it's most fitting to do a shoot at my house or your house!

6. Driving Along The Roads

I suggest keeping your flashers on, and asking for permission if possible, but sometimes you can find a location on your drive down the nearby backroads!

You don't need to have the most beautiful locations to shoot some of your favorite pictures! You just need enough even light! There have been dumpsters and porta-johns right beside our clients at times! If you have a feeling that it's a good spot, and your clients are up for it, DON'T BE AFRAID to stop and take advantage of the location!

Explore the local parks, fields and gardens in State College too! Pennsylvania has SO much potential! GET CREAATIVE!


Hit me up with some of YOUR favorite local areas,


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