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A Grandparent's Day Blog

Grandparent's Day Facts:

1. Grandparent's Day was proclaimed a national holiday on August 3, 1978 by then-president Jimmy Carter.

2. It is always the first Sunday in September, after Labor Day,

3. The purpose of the day is to honor grandparents, give grandparents an opportunity to show their love for their grandchildren and for grandchildren to become aware of the strength, information and guidance a grandparent can offer.

So Let's Talk Grandparents

Mom's Side First!

Name: Mauvette Kiel O'Dowd

Aka: Mama, Mommom, Grammauvette

Samantha + Mama Hawaii 2015

I think the best way to summarize Mama is to call her a young heart, I've never met someone who has so many friends! She's always talking, texting or posting on Facebook, Such a social butterfly! Not only that, but she's constantly traveling! Late notice or months in advance, she is down to take a trip.

You can tell that she loves her grandchildren and traveling by the amount of trips she takes to be there for graduations, school plays, sporting events, etc. Her constant support, pictures in our birthday cards and efforts to help others are a few things I am very thankful for.

Mama's Lessons: chew 32 times before swallowing; castor oil for stomach and olive oil for skin; and pack a small amount of clothes so that you have room for all the new clothes you buy on your trip,


Name: Patrick O'Dowd

Aka: Poppop, Granddad

Although Poppop passed away in 2008. I always think of him when I come across a potato garden or the smell of cigarettes. I think he is the source of our habit of giving people nicknames. When we would visit Poppop, he would always welcome us with a big hug and scratchy-facial hair kisses. I am forever thankful for Poppop's wise-cracks, simple teachings and tractor rides. Miss you Poppop!

Tips from Poppop: Wipe using 3 squares of toilet paper; work hard with your back or mind, but your back won't last as long; don't look for someone to help you, help them.


Dad's Side Next!

Name: Yolonda "Vi" Malizia

Aka: Grandma, Grandma Vi

High School Graduation 2013

Grandma, at age 84 continues to be a busy body. Most family meals are spent telling her to sit down and eat with us, She loves bringing people together in her kitchen and dining room, while constantly feeding us. Another thing about Grandma, she's in great shape! I will never be ashamed to admit that my Grandma has always been in better shape than me. When I was younger, she would always have to wait for me to catch up to her on our bike rides. In middle school, I'd usually lose to her in a speed walking contest. If she doesn't make it to the gym, you'll see her outside, going on her daily walks.

Grandma's favorites: Lays Potato Chips, dancing, cooking and baking (WHICH IS AMAZING), 50's music


Name: Joseph Malizia Jr.

Aka: Papa Joe, Honey

Papa Joe passed away in 2007. He worked at Shenango Pottery where he designed a finisher, a machine that painted the trim on the chinaware. He was a very hard worker, and did anything he could to support my grandma and provide for their family, traits I see in my Dad. I remember him silently watching TV, usually to be interrupted by one of us jumping on his belly. I miss him at Penn State football games, but know he's still cheering on his favorite team. I will always remember his laugh and smile, one that was rare, but contagious when he expressed it. Miss you Papa Joe!

Papa Joe's Scary Childhood Story: After a week of the police not finding a missing man, young Papa Joe and his friends decided to look near a lake where they had commonly seen him. Papa Joe and his friends found the man's clothes under a collection of bills pilled on a rock by the lake. The body was later found by the police in the lake. It's a little morbid, but as a 5th grader who was obsessed with the movie Stand By Me, this was MY FAVORITE STORY!

Happy Grandparent's Day to all Grandparents. Thank you for watching over us in Heaven and on Earth. Love you!


Stay tuned for Thursday's short story about one of my grandparent-like figures and biggest influences,


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