Monday PICK-Me-Up

WELCOME to the start of the work week! Monday has come, like it does every week. For some of us, it's a great Monday, maybe it's the start of that summer vacation you have been waiting for! For others, maybe it's the first day of school that has gotten here too fast.

For my Monday pick-me-up, I decided to put a twist on a summer chore! We turned taking care of the garden into playing with our food!

However your Monday is looking, I hope you find the best in it! You control how your week goes, and most of that is the outlook you decide to have. Inner happiness fuels success, so take some time to remember your happies of the day!

Today's "Happies and Crappies"

Crappy: My phone fell in the shower and has been in rice for the whole day

Happy: For me, a day without a phone is a day with less temptation to procrastinate.

PICK me Up_0001
PICK me Up_0002_edited


Make someone smile today,


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