Kerry + Andy Wedding | Toftrees Golf Resort, State College, PA

After waiting a year to celebrate with all of their loved ones, Kerry and Andy finally had the wedding day celebration they had planned. In the town where they met, on a beautiful June day, they were pronounced husband and wife. And let me tell you, IT. WAS. PERFECT.

Kerry and Andy met at Penn State campus, in the Willard building specifically! When I heard that they found love in Willard, my thought raced back to all the campus tour guides (me being one of them...oof) telling that awful Willard building pick-up line. If you know, you know. But this isn't about my Lion Scout days, so let's talk about this amazing couple and their wedding day!

Kerry and Andy's wedding was originally a June 2020 wedding, but like many other 2020 weddings these two held off their plans for a year. I can't imagine how hard it was for them to wait another year, but this wedding day celebration seemed so worth the wait. The joy we watched them and SO many others experience on this wedding day was contagious. You can tell that so many people have been waiting to celebrate these two for a long time. I was so happy that we could be there to capture this day for them.

Other than one SUPER small hiccup, this day went off without a hitch! Kerry texted me on the morning of her wedding day saying that Anguilla required a different covid test from the ones they got. So, to be approved for travel within the time constraints, Kerry and Andy had to schedule trips to CVS. Right after Kerry's hair and makeup were done, and before we arrived, she drove to CVS. Thankfully, Kerry thought to have all the details ready for us while she was away, and by the time they got back to Toftrees, we were ready to rumble! It actually worked out extremely well!

We loved this Tiffany necklace that Andy gifted Kerry on the morning of their wedding!

Upon entering Kerry's bridal suite, I was blown away with her attention to detail! They had the cutest bridal gifts, matching pajama sets and robes, a pearl denim jacket with the words "Mrs. Kirchner" on the back, and her grandfather's handkerchief wrapped around her florals. Everything was so well thought-out.

Letter readings and the exchange of vows were some of the most beautiful parts of the day, from my perspective. These moments seemed calm and peaceful. While photographing Kerry, these were the times that she really seemed to let this day sink in. Seeing the face of this STUNNING (and wait until you see her in her dress!) bride when she began to think about marrying Andy,.. UGH! My heart. She left me truly speechless.

SEE?! Do you see this?! She's a vision! Literally perfection, and the best laugh.

After we finished up portraits, we saw Kerry's dad waiting outside of the hotel. I asked her if she wanted to do a quick first look with him and she agreed to it! This is something I will ALWAYS try to squeeze into the timeline, even if it's not planned. .I'm so glad the Kerry got to share this moment with her dad right before he walked her down the aisle.

Meanwhile, Catherine was with the guys, photographing Andy.

Let's talk about his details! First off, Andy's entire look was spot on. The leather overalls, gold and navy Rolex, and the tan bow tie, went with his navy blue suit wonderfully! And I would be lying if I said that his suit didn't fit him perfectly. Kerry gifted Andy customized collar tabs and cufflinks that read "I can't wait... to be Mrs. Kirchner" and "Marry me today 6.12.21....Love me forever -K", The cufflinks were even in her handwriting!

Craftsmanship must run through the O'Hop family, because Kerry's brother made this ring box and the wine box (used for the ceremony)!

These photos of Andy are some of my favorite. What a handsome Gus and how joyful! I had met Andy in person just before the first look, but I wasn't surprised to learn that I didn't need to know Andy for long to feel like we went way back. He is a friendly guy all-around, but on this day especially, you could tell how happy and excited he was ready to finally marry the girl of his dreams.

Once everyone was ready, we headed to the Toftrees balcony for their first look! Also we loved Andy suggesting we get the date on his watch!! Such a neat detail!

THIS WAS MY FAVORITE! The most exciting moment of the day for me was right here.

Of course you can see how blown away Andy was by the sight of his bride, but what the pictures don't show was the amount of time they stood there, in this position, just taking it all in. They were so floored that they froze completely and looked in awe. Eventually, I Informed them that they were allowed to move, if they wanted! But I could have watched them stare at each other like that forever. It was such a genuine and sincere first look.


This was the part of the day that made me fall EVEN MORE in love with Kerry and Andy. They love each other so much! Seeing thee two together, the joy they brought one another, and the comfort they felt being together was everything. You could tell they were made for each other.

A couple of stunners, these two!

Next, we joined their wedding party, and headed to campus!

We had originally planned on shooting at the Lion Shrine, but Penn State's construction season is in full swing this summer. So, we instead settled for the "WE ARE" sign outside of the Intramural Building, and I actually loved this spot! Thanks to the wedding party for climbing!

Then we headed to Old Main and College Ave for a few more portraits before the ceremony.