Marc + Alexandra's Proposal at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

A few weeks ago, Catherine and I got a message from a good family friend of our's, Marc. He and his family grew up with ours, attending school together from elementary school through college! Last summer, I even visited Marc in his Pittsburgh apartment to interview him for The Jared Box Project video. Luckily, now that I am in the Pittsburgh area, he thought of us while figuring out his game plan to propose to his girlfriend! He excitedly told us about his plans to propose to his girlfriend, Alexandra via a three-way call. It was no surprise that we were too excited about the proposal to stay on track.

As the day got closer, everyone got more and more excited. The weeks leading up to the proposal were filled with me looking up pictures of Phipps Conservatory, talking with Marc and Caroline, a Phipps event coordinator, and finalizing plans with Catherine, Marc and Caroline.



Marc's family was coming into town for a few days, so Marc and Alexandra planned a few days of activities for their families to do together. On Sunday evening, Alexandra's parents, would host Marc's family, for Sunday dinner. Everyone would take off work on Monday, Alexandra's birthday, so that the families could go to Phipps Conservatory's Winter Light Garden the next morning. Alexandra and her parents would meet Marc's family at Phipps at 9am. Unbeknownst to Alexandra, before making these plans, Marc had already reserved the Broderie Room at Phipps for their proposal!


At 8:30am on the morning of December 3rd, Catherine and I would go to meet Marc's family and Caroline at Phipps. We would do a quick run through of where Marc would kneel, what angles we would shoot and where the families would stand. Meanwhile, Caroline would assemble her crew of Phipps employees and station them around the garden to make sure that the conservatory looked like it was open. When Alexandra's family would arrive, the employees would also help guide the families to the Broderie room.


The morning was brisk, but the sun was shining in Pittsburgh. All of us traveling into the city, made sure to leave extra early so that we wouldn't risk hitting traffic. We met the 8:30 crew at Phipps and waited for Alexandra and her family's 9am arrival. Luckily, Alexandra didn't catch on that Phipps wasn't "officially" open until 9:30am. Catherine was in the Broderie Room, I was in the Palm Court entrance.

After the families walked by me and my room, I slowly tracked behind them, staying out of sight. Once they made it to the Broderie room, Marc pulled Alexandra to the center...

Marc, thank you so so much for asking us to cover this special moment for the two of you, and for keeping us updated on all the plans. Thank you also to Caroline and all the amazing employees at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden for helping us scout the area, working with us during one of the busiest times of the year and for communicating with us so well throughout the each stage! We cannot express how grateful we are to have been given the opportunity to celebrate this big moment between two wonderful people and their amazing families! It was a beautiful day, and I'm sure a birthday to remember!

Congratulations to Marc and Alexandra! LOVE!

Samantha, Catherine