Joe + Cassie Feature Film | Downtown State College and Mountain View Country Club

Before sharing with you all the amazing day that we had the pleasure of sharing with Joe and Cassie, I want to again express my gratitude and appreciation to these two and many of their colleagues. They have committed their lives to serving others, in the United State's Air Force and as an EMS paramedic. Their selfless service and passion for doing good unto others, was reflected in the love and support they received on the day of their wedding. Throughout the day, Joe and Cassie were phased with a few obstacles, one being a power outage at their reception venue (cause by a nearby car-crash). I had never seen so many vendors, guests, family, friends, etc. pull together so well to keep the day running smoothly. Mountain View staff ran the kitchen with one light, while making trips to nearby venues to keep all guests well hydrated, DJs and photographers reached out for more generators, guests reached out to their friends to rent bathrooms, etc. The electricity eventually came back on, but throughout it all, I didn't see a single guest without a smile on their face. When I think of this wedding day I think of receiving the love you give. Wedding days don't always go perfectly, BUT if you find the right people to share that special day with, it will be. The love and support given to these two by their family, friends, and vendors, people that they have only known for so long, reflect how well they treat and love others. No chance of rain, small hotel suite, or power outage could keep people from feeling joyful and happy for these two.

Cassie and Joe met while Cassie was a freshman and Joe was a junior, attending Penn State, and working together at Penn State EMS.

"When I first met Joe I saw a guy who was passionate about all of the things that I was passionate about - family, service, God, adventure. I also saw someone who knew the value of finding someone special to spend the rest of their days with - which I think is rare in today's world. Of course, his smile was something that I could never live without, so the decision to pursue a relationship together was never a question for me." Shared Cassie

In the April of 2016, after both of their previous relationships had ended, the two began hanging out more with their group of mutual friends. After a date a Cafe 210, as Cassie put it, the timing was right and things "clicked" from there.

Joe explained, "When we finally started dating it was easy for me to say that I loved how beautiful she was, how strong she was, and how smart she was. It was clear from the start that we shared a lot of the same values."

"We only had 2 weeks left in the same state together since Joe had already commissioned with the Air Force and would be heading to Columbus, Mississippi to start his training as a pilot. We made the most out of those two weeks together and when we said our goodbyes - not knowing when we would see each other next - I sent him off with a love letter and a homemade CD. It was only a month later that I flew down to visit him for the first time - we would go on to continue flying to each other for the next year and a half in a long distance relationship. It was definitely not a relationship of convenience and there is no doubt that our love for one another grew exponentially during all of those long days, weeks, and months apart."

They took trips to see each other when they were able, and Cassie later moved down to Alabama with Joe after she graduated from Penn State in 2017. After trainings, graduations, and miles of traveling, their long distance relationship came to an end. It was around this time last year, on a weekend trip to State College that Joe popped the question. After Cassie said "YES", they celebrated with their families and friends the best way Penn Staters know, tailgating!

One year later, the day before their wedding, they gathered again with their family and friends on the Beaver Stadium lawn. Nothing says WE ARE... Getting Married like wearing custom-made jerseys with the names "Bride" and "Groom" and numbers "09" and "02". This was one of my many favorite details to their amazing day!

Evan and I loved celebrating with these two on their wedding day! They put in so much hard work to create their perfect day. Their Air Force themed decorations and navy blue went so beautifully with Cassie's STUNNING arrangement of sunflowers. The guest book made me smile (literally! Even Evan and I put ourselves in it). Check out my favorite first look, a sweet message on Cassie's heels, and a love that is found in the comfort they find in one another.

Thank you to the wonderful Wedding Team!

Ceremony | Saint Paul’s United Methodist

Officiant | Greg Milinovich

Reception Venue + Catering | Mountain View Country Club

Photography | Jana Scott Photography

Florist | Emily Rickard of Pocket Full of Posies

Hair + Makeup | Looks Hair Design

Cake | Delectable Delights

Entertainment | Nittany Entertainment

Joe and Cassie, we are so grateful for you guys and the love you share! Even from New Mexico, you always made communicating so enjoyable, and we loved every step of working with you! We especially loved your wedding day! Thank you for all you do for others and thank you for letting us celebrate with you all and your amazing families. You truly have an amazing crew of people who love you so so much, and I felt so thankful to experience that with you on your wedding day. Enjoy your video!! LOVE!!



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