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Janelle + Jacob Engagement | Moonstone Manor

A day before Janelle and Jacob tied the knot, we decided to do their engagement session at their wedding venue! Thankfully, the wonderful people at Moonstone Manor didn't mind us exploring the grounds the day before the wedding! We will be featuring their wedding day soon, but for now, meet Jacob and Janelle!

Janelle, Catherine, and I go back to our childhood days when we took dance lessons together at Centre Dance! After we all graduated from high school, our paths grew apart. Janelle had her daughter, Nikki. and began college at Shippensburg University, Catherine went to Penn State and I finished up high school.

About a year an a half ago, after almost 8 years, I heard from Janelle again! She was looking for a videographer to help with a new business venture! She had started a digital marketing agency called Pearl Jade Marketing and was (and still is) growing fast!

If you know Janelle, you know it could be 8 days or 8 years since you've seen her and she will pick up where you left off (one of her many wonderful attributes). After a quick trip to Chambersburg, PA, we had no problem catching up!! I was quickly filled in on Janelle's life after State High and Centre Dance,

While at Shippensburg, she became part of a business frat, Phi Sigma Pi. It was through the frat that she recruited and met Jacob. After growing through the passing of Nikki's goldfish and a fancy sushi date, these two became official in 2015. In August of 2019, at their family beach vacation, Jacob surprised everyone by asking Janelle to marry him! We loved photographing these two! They were up for anything, even playing in the rain at times!

Sheesh these two can do it all!! Every look was modelesque,

but it's their amazing personalities that freaking SHINE!

Then came time to play in the rain!

It really started pouring here, so it was a good time for an outfit change and to find some coverage!

Janelle and Jacob told us that they both like their left side, and thank heavens because they NAILED this look!

Janelle, Jacob, and Nikki thank you so much for giving us the chance to squeeze in a quick engagement session right before your wedding day! Thanks for roughing it in the rain, and to Nikki for holding an umbrella for us to shoot under at times! We are so excited for what's to come! Love you guys!!

LOVE! Samantha


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