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King and Cocktails Event

In 2017, when Evan and I came to the Pittsburgh area looking at apartments, we noticed that there was a catholic church right beside the apartment building that we especially liked. Once we moved in, we gave Holy Child (now Corpus Christi) Parish a try. We had attended another Church in the area in the past, and didn't feel that it was the right fit for us. So when we went to Holy Child, we had our reservations.

WE LUCKED OUT! From the very first mass, we felt engaged with the priest, and parish members. The more we would go, the more we would hear about the Parish events. We had never heard of a parish hosting SO MANY free events. We began attending the talks, retreats, trivia nights, young adult get togethers, etc., and we quickly felt sense of community in our new town.

After a few years of getting to know other parish members and event leaders, we learned that these events were put on by our Evangelization Team. We got to know them, and what they do for the church, and they got to know us, and what we do as a company. For this mid-January event, we joined together!

The King and Cocktails event kicked off the young adult events for 2020. It took place at the Cadence Clubhouse in Allison Park, PA, a new establishment connected to the new Pro Bike and Run arena. Young adults were invited to enjoy free food and signature cocktails while enjoying live music by local musician, Noah Pepmeyer. Noah filled the night with acoustic covers of Kayne West's "Jesus is King" album.

At every parish event, you can always count on Tony making the best meals. Tony's friendly personality draws people in, but his food keeps everyone coming back for more (seriously, like a lot more. I went to the buffet so many times). This event featured a nacho bar with ALL the fixings, hot wings, and loaded french fries.

Jordan is one of the people behind making this event a success. He was one of the first to arrive and the lest to leave. You could find him making sure everyone felt welcome, serving drinks behind the bar, and never without a smile on his face. Jordan was one of the first people that Evan and I met at the church! He made us feel welcome from the beginning!

After dinner was served, Noah Invited everyone to pull up some chairs to enjoy the music.