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Behind the Scenes: How to Make a Jared Box Video

While I was living in Oregon, Cindy, the Jared Box Project Director, contacted me about making a second video for the non-profit. Last year, I was fortunate enough to make their promotional video! My experience with the Jared Box Project however, goes back to elementary school.

While attending Our Lady of Victory, there was a boy in my class named Jared. I didn't know him too well since he was in the earlier kindergarten class, but had met him a few times, seen him in his wheelchair, and had heard that he was sick.

Jared had been diagnosed with a brainstem tumor in 1999. Through his battle, Jared continued to find joy, especially in play. During his doctor appointments, Jared carried with him a bag full of game and toys, wondering why the other kids in the hospital didn't have any. That's when he began sharing his toys, and playing games like UNO with the other kids.

In November of 2000, Jared's battle ended. He was listening to his favorite song, "You'll be in My Heart". Although I didn't know Jared too well, my Mom made sure I was at his funeral. I didn't understand a lot then, but I understood enough when I arrived at the viewing. Seeing all the people, the tears, the hugs, shared between all of his loved ones, left a huge impression on my heart. This boy was my age, and he had touched so many peoples' lives already. He continues to touch the lives of so many others.

Although Jared was gone, his loved ones made sure his mission continued. The Jared Box Project was started. Jared Boxes would be delivered to children in the hospital, giving them the gift of play, well wishes, hope and love.

I am lucky enough to help continue this mission. This week, we wrapped up our "How To Make a Jared Box" video. Check out our "Behind the Scenes" and the final product and how I made it below!


Step 1: The Script

When making a video that is driven by audio, I always begin by making or asking for a script. We started our "How To" video referencing the steps of making a Jared Box. Cindy and I emailed each other drafts back and forth until we finalized a script. This allows me to figure our the shots I will need before shooting the video.

Step 2: The Audio

To be honest, this was my last step in the production phase... but ideally it would have been earlier, like step 2! We asked a few people to read the script, and chose the voice we felt was best. For the sake of consistency, the decision was made to use the same voice from the promotional video.

The audio was recorded using a Tascam D40 digital recorder and Comica wireless lavaliere microphone system. We sat our reader down with the script printed in large font, on the desk in front of her. After unplugging all of noise-making electronics, turning off the fans, and "sound proofing" the house/the people in it, we did our recording. Shoutout to my mom for posting the notices!

Step 3: The Props

After figuring out a story board of shots that goes with the audio, I make sure to collect all of the items necessary. For this video, Cindy was able to supply us with all of the materials necessary for making a Jared Box (boxes, toys, decorations, labels, pamphlets, etc.). (But shameless plug, all the materials are readily available online and totally affordable at nearby stores!)

Step 4: The Studio

As some of you may know, I often use my parent's sunroom as an office and film/photo studio, the "sunroom studio". Setting up the studio or set is an important step and something you always want to have ready BEFORE using/inviting your "talent". After rearranging the room, to make the best use of the natural light, I arranged the equipment.

Step 5: The Equipment

This video was shot using a Canon 5D Mark IV on a Sandisk 64 GB CompactFlash Memory Card. The stabilizer used was a Sirui Monopod with a Manfrotto fluid head attachment.


Step 6: The Talent

The BEST part of working at home and living here with so many people is that they are always helping me out! The people used to make this video were my family members and members of the SMF team. Shoutout to them for all their help! This shot took a while to get the car to stop in the right part of the frame! God bless my Mom and her patience!

Step 7: The Shots

Following our script and shot list, we are able to shoot most efficiently. I first do all of the shots that require the help of talent. One interesting shot is the one of us printing out the labels. Funny thing about this shot, is that our printer doesn't work! We had to stage the printing. If you watch until the end of this, you can see my mom's hand pushing the paper through.


Step 8: Editing

After collecting all of my shots and audio, I load everything into the editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro. I begin editing by laying down the audio tracks and then cut all of my video to match.

In short, that's how we shot our "How To Make a Jared Box" video. To learn more about the Jared Box Project or find out more information, visit Thank you to Cindy and all the wonderful volunteers working to make the Jared Box Project a success, and to all the people that make Jared Boxes!

With your help, the efforts of the Jared Box Project will continue to give ill children the gift of play, well wishes, hope and love.

Help us deliver smiles!



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